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Tag State Library's photos in Flickr Commons

The State Library of Queensland has more than 1.5 million photographs in its collection dating back to the late 1800s. Just over 60,000 are available online. Many photographs are missing information about who is in the photo, when it was taken, where it is and what’s happening in the image. You can help us to add value to these photographs by tagging them in Flickr Commons. We'll know more about the photos and it will be easier for people to find them online.

Before you start, you will need to create an account in Flickr or log in with Facebook, Google or Yahoo. Choose one of the assignments below to get tagging in Flickr Commons.

Current assignments

Young boy sitting on the bonnet of an early motor vehicle submerged in mud in Rankin Street, Innisfail in 1925. The street is covered in mud and water from the flood which hit the town in March 1925. The car is a Ford Model T between 1917-1927.
Bogged & Stuck
Cars, trucks, wagons and even mobile dental clinics; they all get bogged some time or another. If it's not that, they drive under a railway bridge without checking. Difficulty: Beginner
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A black and white photograph of table laid out with tea items. A dog is sitting on a dining chair and a tea cup is held in front of him.
Dogs of Queensland
Dogs, what can we say? We don't need any reason to create this album of the furry friends in our collection. Difficulty: Beginner
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The Esplanade at Burleigh Heads crowded with tents and cars during Christmas holidays, 1932. Tents have been erected along the road and on the beach, turning the Esplanade in to a camping site.
Camping in Queensland
Camping in Queensland is a collection of photographs depicting iconic camping scenes from Queensland coastlines, surveyor camps and Light Horse Camps in the Middle East. Difficulty: Beginner
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Line drawn advertisement for the Jenyn's Patent corset
Corsets & Corsetry
The corset is one of the most divisive garments in the history of fashion. An early symbol of social status and elegance, then of female oppression, and now female empowerment, historians now argue there is no singular experience of wearing a corset. This collection shows the corset as worn by Queensland women from ca.1870 – to 1955. Difficulty: Beginner
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A black and white photograph of a young boy wearing a butchers apron and holding a string of sausages
Strike a Pose
A delightful arrangement of performers Striking a pose. Help us by tagging the photos in this gorgeous collection. Difficulty: Beginner
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A black and white photograph of Dr. Weaver immunising a child while a nurse looks on, Brisbane, 1941
Nurses and Doctors
State Library of Queensland salutes the medical profession of the state. Doctors, nurses, paramedics and our unique Royal Flying Doctor Service all help keep Queenslanders healthy and offer aid in times of crises Difficulty: Beginner
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Tips and tricks for tagging:

Choose a photo you'd like to tag, then click on the “add a tag” tab in the bottom right corner of the page. Add keywords, things you can see, what people are doing, or words to describe the mood of the photo.