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Colour our collections

Print out and colour pictures from our collections.

Great Barrier Reef

Drawing of 5 Great Barrier Reef fish.
Drawing of Great Barrier Reef Corals
Drawing of Great Barrier Reef Molluscs and Planarians

Great Barrier Reef fish

PDF · 4 MB

Great Barrier Reef Corals

PDF · 6 MB

Molluscs and Planarians

PDF · 4 MB

The Queenslander

Illustrated front covers and advertisements from The Queenslander.

Front page cover of Illustrated Cover from The Queenslander 27 Nov 1930. The cover has a drawing one man and three ladies in a car and another person sanding outside the car holding a beach ball.

source of image

Drawing of a lady hearing a hat, blouse and gloves holding several small gift boxes
Advertisement for Kream Brand Corn Flour showing a family of three sitting at the dinner table.

The Queenslander 27 Nov 1930

PDF · 3 MB

The Queenslander, 21 Nov 1935.

PDF · 224 KB

Queensland houses

Sketches of Queensland house designs and plans

Sketch of a Queenslander house
Sketch of a Queensland bungalow
Sketch of a post war Queensland home

Design No 58 in 99 everyday homes for Queenslanders

PDF · 107 KB

Kennedy B & B Newstead home,1910-1920

PDF · 508 KB

Design No T 90 in House plans Queensland Housing Commission 1959

PDF · 102 KB

Other State Library collections

Front cover of The Queensland Digger October 1925 with a drawing of a farmer working in the field at Beerburrum.
Sketch of members of the Queensland Legislative Assembly in the Parliament.
Christmas pudding cartoon in the 1884 Christmas edition of The Figaro showing many caricatures

The Queensland Digger, October 1925

PDF · 3 MB

Queensland Legislative Assembly, 1889

PDF · 475 KB

Christmas pudding cartoon, The Figaro 1884

PDF · 212 KB