Make and design

The State Library of Queensland resources and supports all Queenslanders to participate in the design of their cultural experience.

Make and design blog

Keep up to date with the latest ideas explored in the make and design space.

The Fabrication Lab

The Fabrication Lab provides access to 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC routers and tools for digital prototyping.

Community engagement

Making is all about community and we work together with the public to make amazing things happen. From live-action zombie apocalypses to computer recycling programs. Come along and join in the fun.


The SLQWiki is a collection of resources for anyone and everyone to access, exploring how to make, design and create in the new digital frontier.

80Hz: Sound Lab 2.0

80Hz: Sound Lab 2.0 takes images from State Library's collection and digitally translates them into musical compositions using metadata.

What's on

From projects, workshops, lab inductions and meetups, there is something for everyone that wants to get involved.