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Lit artwork as part of the Our Dreaming exhibition

Our Dreaming

13 December 2013-9 June 2014
kuril dhagun, Level 1
slqGallery, Level 2

Phillip Bacon Heritage Gallery, Level 4

Our Dreaming: animating country – connecting people to place through animation and storytelling. 

Through exhibitions, workshops and events Our Dreaming showcases Queensland’s vibrant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories, as they are retold through animation. Explore how new mediums have contemporised traditional storytelling, preserving a rich legacy for future generations. Our stories create enduring connections from past to present, people to place and to each other, giving us a sense of belonging. Experience how these stories are being shared and bring your own stories to life.

The Dreaming is eternal, alive and ever-evolving. This is Our Dreaming.

This exhibition contains images and references to deceased people which may cause sadness or distress, particularly to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers.

The vibrant animations featured in SLQ Gallery and Philip Bacon Heritage Gallery are from Aboriginal Nations Australia’s The Dreaming series.

The Stories from The Dreaming is a reproduction under license from The Dreaming series produced by Aboriginal Nations Australia. Copyright Aboriginal Nations Australia 2013.