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Photo of the Johnstone Gallery and courtyard. It is nighttime and it has just rained, the light from inside the gallery shines off of the wet concrete outside.
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The Johnstone Gallery Archive

This exhibition occurred in the past

The Johnstone Gallery was a commercial art gallery that operated in Brisbane from 1950 to 1972 during a seminal time in the development of an audience for contemporary art in Australia. It brokered strong sales year after year for Australian artists of the period, including Charles Blackman, Sidney Nolan, Donald Friend, Arthur Boyd, Ray Crooke, Margaret Olley, Lawrence Daws, Robert Dickerson and others.

Operated by Brian and Marjorie Johnstone, their first gallery, the Marodian Art Gallery, opened in Brisbane's Upper Edward Street in December 1950. In February 1952 the Johnstones relaunched the gallery under their own name in the basement of the Brisbane Arcade. Their final location from 1958 was at their home in Cintra Road, Bowen Hills.

The Johnstone Gallery was a focal point of artistic and social life in Brisbane and when it eventually closed in 1972, there was a very real sense that this was the end of an era. The final exhibition was of sculpture by Leonard and Kathleen Shillam.

In 1994 Marjorie Johnstone bequeathed the Johnstone Gallery Archive to the Australian Library of Art, State Library of Queensland. Its an irreplaceable and immensely valuable resource of art, artists, commercial galleries and Australian social history including scrapbooks, correspondence, exhibition catalogues and photographs. Supporting this is the photographic collection of Arthur Davenport who documented artworks and installations at the Johnstone Gallery from 1964 until 1972. The collection is considered of national significance and in 2021 the Johnstone Gallery Archive was added to UNESCO's Australian Memory of the World Register.

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The first home of The Johnstone Gallery in the basement of the Brisbane Arcade
Brian and Marjorie Johnstone with Margaret Olley at The Johnstone Gallery in the basement of the Brisbane Arcade
Marjorie Johnstone in the Johnstone Gallery in the basement of the Brisbane Arcade
The front gallery at Cintra Road, ca. 1954
Brian and Marjorie Johnstone with Barbara King and John Roe in the front gallery at Cintra Road, 1957
Brian Johnstone in the Gallery at Cintra Road
Ray Crooke painting of a hotel in Croydon, Queensland
The Johnstone’s bedroom at Cintra Road including the very modern screened indoor garden. Artworks by Charles Blackman and Arthur Boyd are on display.
Ray Crooke Dawn Papua. 1964. Oil over synthetic paint on composition board. Private collection. 1964
Brian and Marjorie Johnstone in their sitting room at Cintra Road,1965
Lindy the Johnstone’s dachshund with Bull by Kathleen Shillam in the garden of The Johnstone Gallery at Cintra Road, 1965
Documenta espirita exhibition of paintings by Ignacio Marmol at The Johnstone Gallery, Cintra Road, 13 July - 2 August 1969
Untitled monoprint by Ray Crooke on the front of a card from the Crookes to the Johnstones, Christmas 1969
Donald Friend The billygoat bushrangers. Exhibited at the Johnstone Gallery in A selection of drawings 22 March – 14 April 1972
Johnstone Gallery Annexe and courtyard, Cintra Road
Donald Friend Serenading the maestro
he last Christmas card sent by the Johnstones at the closure of the Gallery in 1972

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