Art of the Skins in kuril dhagun

kuril dhagun showcased a multidisciplinary display of work inspired by the revitalisation of Aboriginal possum skin cloak making traditions.

Artists Carol McGregor’s and Glennys Briggs’ practices were immersed in the connection between art, artefacts and strengthening local Aboriginal communities through exploring hidden histories and cultural practices.

They aimed to represent their shared connection to place, reclaiming the suppressed histories and conveying the resilience of Indigenous cultural identity.

Art of the Skins Exhibition Launch 

Annual blanket distribution day, 25 May, 1874

Group of Aboriginal men, women and children with animal skins in Ipswich

One of the few photographs of an unnamed Aboriginal woman wearing a possum skin cloak in South East Queensland

Illustration depiction of 1864 annual blanket day distribution in Queen Street, Brisbane. Amongst the large crowd is an Aboriginal man wearing a possum skin cloak (right side, seated on ground), alongside Aboriginal men wearing the issued blankets in a similar way.

Studio portrait of unnamed Aboriginal people in George Street, Brisbane with a possum skin cloak covering the woman