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Blair Athol recut by Julie Barratt.
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Siganto Foundation Artists' Book Project

This exhibition occurred in the past

The Australian Library of Art (ALA) is an internationally renowned collection and research resource for artists, writers, designers, bookbinders, collectors, historians and botanists.

For five years from 2012 to 2017, The Siganto Foundation supported the ALA to host workshops, fellowships, lectures and seminars to advance the awareness of this collection and enable creativity to thrive through the form of artists’ books. As a result, each of the ten fellowships used State Library collections to produce an artist book or research the artists’ book genre for the ALA.

The Australian Library of Art is advancing its place in the art world of Queensland and has the reputation as the best collection of artists' books in the country.

My association with the ALA has given me the greatest pleasure. Developing my knowledge of artists' books as an art form has been personally enriching.

Dr Marie Siganto AM, The Siganto Foundation
Queensland Library Foundation annual report 2013–14


Dr Marie Siganto AM, seated in a library in front of shelves of books

International Artists' Book Collection

22 artists’ books by international artists were purchased for the collection with Siganto Foundation funds.