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Regional digital development

State Library of Queensland is working to boost digital inclusion in regional communities by exploring the tools and skills needed to access services, to connect socially, and to benefit from economic opportunities.  

People interact within the digital economy in all kinds of ways, from shopping and maintaining social connections to accessing education, employment, and vital services. Some regional areas, however, have unpredictable internet connections and infrastructure can be unpredictable which can lead to digital exclusion, where individuals and businesses lack the access or skills needed to participate fully in the digital world.  

The digital economy encompasses economic activities driven by digital technologies and the internet. It includes e-commerce, online services, digital marketing, and the use of digital tools in traditional industries. A thriving digital economy relies on a range of factors, such as high-speed internet, the availability of digital skills and jobs, a concentration of digital businesses, and the integration of digital technologies into business and service processes. 

State Library’s Regional Digital Development Officers (RDDOs) will work with regional and remote councils in the South West, North, Far North and North West Queensland to map and analyse digital economy indicators, regional infrastructure, and place-based resources to identify ways to uplift digital skills and access to innovative technology. 

This project is funded through Queensland Government’s Our Thriving Digital Future: Queensland’s Digital Economy Strategy 2023-2026

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