A re-telling of stories and songs from "Myths and Legends of the Torres Strait"

The State Library of Queensland is the proud home of the Margaret Lawrie Collection of Torres Strait Islands material.  This rich collection documents the history, languages and culture of Torres Strait Islander peoples through writings, photographs and artworks.  Much of the material was the basis of the books: Myths and Legends of the Torres Strait and Tales of the Torres Strait .

ReTold is a collection of online stories gathered in partnership with Torres Strait Islander language speakers and community members living in mainland Queensland.

Members from Queensland's Torres Strait Islander community remember, reclaim and retell some of the selected stories and songs from the publication Myths and Legends of the Torres Strait by Margaret Lawrie.

Co-ordinated by Leonora Adidi, a linguist of Saibai descent, the stories are retold from the perspective of the story owners.  They bring to life the regional, cultural and linguistic diversity of the Torres Strait Islands.  ReTold connects Torres Strait Islander communities to their traditional stories as well as making these stories accessible to everyone.

The story of Wawa told by Walter Waria.


Wawa, a creature with supernatural powers, helps a man with his catch of mating turtles. Things go horribly wrong when the man betrays Wawa.

Storyteller: Walter Waria
Translation: Leonora Adidi
Language: Kala Lagaw Ya
Dialect: Mabuiag
Island: Badu

Ina ngaw koesim thathiw umayzi yadayl,
This story was told by my adopted father.

inaabi gidha, Wawa.
The story of Wawa.

Urpun goeyga, nuy wapi zilmaydhin, nuy gathiya soenir,
One day, a man went fishing,  he was wading in the shallows

nuydh soelal imadhin, gathaw wanayzinga.
when he came upon mating turtles beached upon the shallows.

Nuy mina koey sigal nungu goegaythngu,
He was very far from this village

nuy mabayg gig nubeka ipuydhayka.
No one was around to help him.

Nuy si walmiyar, mabaygka,
He was calling out to people

mabayga nagay nubeka ipuydhayka,
looking for people to help him

magaygaw adhayginga.
but there was no one around.

Nuy kay  koey wakaya poeybay,
He was calling at the top of his voice

nungu poeybay mura thonarnu ina,
He was saying this,

“kawki adhiya, adhiw niyayzinga, waruya sarurya ipal, warurya sarurya oy, koey baw I, koey baw o”.

Sena nungu poeybay mura thonarnu matha kedha adhiw kunaka nika nubeka, nuy poeybay, mabaygaw adhayginga,
He kept calling out but no one came out.

senaabi kaliya nuydh karimidhin koey nur,
Then he heard a deep rumbling sound

nungu wakaynthamam kedha padal gawguy meka.
He thought it was a hill shaking.

Ngapa adhadhin nubeka sewa markay,
Appeared before him was a markay

koey markay nuy, koey guridhalnga.
a big markay, a supernatural creature, with a humped back.

Nuy ngapa adhadhin nubeka ipuydhayka.
He came out to help him.

Nuy nubeka mulaydhin, ngath soewlal imawman ipal,
He told the markay, I have found these mating turtles

ngay mabayga nageka ngayka ipuydhayka.
I am looking for people to help me.

Nuy lak poeybaydhin
He called again
“kawki adhiw niyayzinga, warariya, sawrariya ipal, warariya, sawrariya o, koey baw o”.

Nuy seenu koey markay nubeka yapoeybaydhin,
The big markay asked him

sepal soewlal milagnu, warul milagnu,
where are the turtles

nuydh nubeka danthayadhin.
He showed him where they were lying.

Palay koezi uzarewmadhin kaymel muluka,
They walked

senaabi danabayka,
down to the shallow lagoon

nuydh warul milaga imadhin, soewlal,
where he had seen the mating turtles

nuy nubeka mulaydhin,
The markay said to him

“soewlal kawa ngaw guridha wanar gima, ni lak gima thanur”.
Put the turtles on my back, he sit on it as well

Palay madhin kadaka, waaru wanadhin.
They put the turtle on his back.

Nuy nubeka mulaydhin,
They said to him

“nidh amay aymar,” senuubi koey markay, amay aymar.
“Make an amay, earth oven ” said the big markay.

Nidh noe pugayk noe, ina waaru, ngoena walmanekay,
When you have finished cutting up the turtles, awake me.

ngath kay mamuy kulay kulka wanik, waruw kulka.
But first I will drink the blood of the turtle.

Wa nuydh amay aymadhin.
He then made the amay.

Ngapa ipika waaru pugan,
He cut up the female turtle

nuydh nuyn ngulayg paladhin.
and he told the markay.

Senuubi koey markay ngapa uzaraydhin,
The big markay came over

nuydh kulka wanidhin,
he drank the blood

nuydh akural purthadhin wagel kayne nuydh amay aradhin uniya waaru.
he ate the guts before he put the turtle in the amay.

Nuy waaru aradhin, nuy kay mikiya ngoenapudaydhin, nuy puyiw kuyku apa thanuraydhin.
After he put the turtle in the amay, he rested under a tree.

Nuydh wagel garka waaru nge pugan, nuydh lak senaabi za aymadhin.
Before he cut up the male turtle, the markay repeated what he had said before.

Ngoena walmar a ngoena ngulaygpalar,
Wake me and let me know

ngath kay lak sena kulka wanik
I will drink the blood

a ngath lak akural purthayk,
I will eat the guts

wagel kayne nidh garka waaru arayk amay muyi.
Before you put the male turtle in the earth oven.

Nuydh senaabi zapul aymadhin,
He repeated what he did before

markay kulkan wanaydhin, akuran purthaydhin.
the markay drank the blood and ate the guts.

Nuy markay nubeka mulaydhin,
The markay said to him

“ngay apiya yunayk,
I will take a nap

ina aydayl noe giyasik noe,
when the food is cooked

ngoena walmanekay”.
awake me.

Nuy markay, koey markay apiya yunan, matha thawpay thonarka
The big markay went to sleep for a short time

nubiya para adhan, nuyn parathayar.
He started to snore.

Iinu nuy wawa* wakaynthami,
He thought to himself

iinu parathayayk, ngath ina ipika waaru pamayk,
he is snoring, I will take the female turtle

ngath mayka goegaythka ngaw ipika a kazika,
I will take it back to the village for my wife and child.

thanamun aydun poeybayk.
so they can eat it.

Nuydh senaabi za aymadhin.
He proceeded to do it.

Nuydh madhin, koey markay apiya iyar, nyudh ipika waaru
While the big markay was sleeping he took the female turtle

Adhaka madhin soewlal ngu, thabay tharadhin uzaraydhin
out and hoisted it on his shoulders.

Paypakidh, nungu goegaythka,
He returned to his village

kaypa nuydh nungu ipi a kazil aydun poeybadhin.
to feed his wife and child.

Kaypun noe nuy noe markay noe kadaka miyaydhin noe, nuydh lumadhin.
Meanwhile, the markay awoke and looked for him.

Garka geygeyadh miyaydhin kaypun, thoersimaygasidhin.
Wawa became very angry.

Kasa kedha nuydh matha purthadhin, nuydh sena garka waaru purthan,
But he ate the male turtle anyway

senaabi kaliya nuydh mura nungu bupaw uruyl ngapa miyaydhin,
he called the other creatures from the bush to him

nubeka thanamunka mulaydhin, 
he said to them

“ngalpa napaypa inaabi goegaythka, nuydh ngawngu mina waaru manu”.
“We will go to the village, he has taken the prime turtle from me.”

Nuy noe kaypaypa, nuy siki ulamay, nuyn lumar nuy seenu wawa milagnu miyar.
He went looking for him to see where he lived.

Ngapa wa, nuydh nuyn imadhin.
He then found him.

Nuydh mithonara imadhin noe, nuydh nubeka inuubi ya mulaydhin,
As soon as he found him, he said to him “umay umay muli paymuliya, ngoelmunka matha mithaka may”.

Nuy wawa tharthayi thanamunka umay thayan.
Wawa threw a dog over to them.

Nuydh umay noe thayadhin nuy, koey markay, nuy nubiya
The man tossed the dog over to them, the big markay Wawa

gizul klak miyar, kimus, nuy kimusu nan thayadhin,
had a kimus, a sharp spear

nuydh kimus* umay thayan kuniya thanamunka, nungu bupaw uruyka.
Then he threw the dog to his creatures of the bush.

Bupaw uruyn nuyn mura purthan.
The creatures ate every morsel of the dog.

Nuy markay lak walmizi, koey markay “burum muli muli
paymuliya, ngoelmunka matha mithaka may”.
The big markay chanted again “burum muli muli
paymuliya, ngoelmunka matha mithaka may”.

Wawa*, nuy mizi a nungungu burum adhaka mani, thanamunka thayan,
He took his pig and tossed it to them.

burum lak ay kimusu nanthi, wagel kayne nuydh thanamunka thayan.
The kimus pierced the pig, then he threw it to them.

Thana umay, umay purthadhin, matha kedha thana puka purthadhin,
They devoured the pig as they had devoured the dog

thanamun dhibaw gasamaygimga, mamuy dhibaginga.
They were still hungry

Nuy koey markay lak poeybaydhin nubeka,
The big markay chanted to him again “kazi muli muli, paymuli ya, ngoelmunka matha mithaka may.”

Setha nungu markiyaw poeybayl, nuydh Wawa* senaabi ya karimin, nuy nungu ipika tharthayaydhin, palay matha nagay sagul tharewmadhin kedhamayka palmun matha urpun ipiyay kaazi.
When they heard him chanting, they looked at each other, they only had one daughter.

Wawa* nuy wara dagamuka uzaraydhin, goegaytha, wara dagamuka uzaraydhin
He walked all over to the other side of the village

a ipi wara dagamuka uzaraydhin, kazi yuday,
his wife went the other side, pleading for a child

palay umew mar kedha ina ngalbayn matha urpun kaazi,
they said, we only have one child

ngalbaynka inub markayka mayka lawnga.
We will not give it to this markay

Mura mabaygal palay umewmar,
They pleaded with everyone

thanamun ya mura matha kedha,
everyone replied to them

“ni ngapa warulayg mima, ninu ngoelmun poeybayginga miyadh”.
You came here with a turtle and you did not share it among us.

Palay lak ngapa kuniya, palmun kaazi madhin,
They returned home and took their child

palmun ipiyay kaazi , palay nan warkidh mayin abadhin.
their daughter, and wept over her.

Palay nan thayadhin noe, nubeka markayka, wagel kayne senuubi za maymiyaydhin, palay noe ngapa kuniya tidewmadhin, palay imadhin,
When they returned, they saw

a matha kedha palay karimidhin, nuy markay matha poeybay,
and they heard the markay chanting 
“kazi muli muli pay muli ya, ngoelmunka matha mithaka, may e”.

Nuy thuma thuma poeybay, palay nubeka nan ipiyay kaazi thayadhin.
He kept on chanting, they tossed their daughter to him.

Nungu kimasuw angayginga nge miyar, palay nan thayadhin, nungu markay getha pudhaydhin.
He did not have the kimus instead he caught her in his arms.

Ngoedhe kedha palay noe, nuydh sena markay nan gima gethan gasamdhin noe,
He reached up to catch her

nungu nanu mathamayginga,
he did not kill her

nungu nanu klakaw pagayginga a kimasuw nanthayginga miyar nabiya, nuydh nan madhin.
He did not pierce with a spear or his kimus

Thana ngapa midhi dagamungu, milagaz ngapa danamaydhin,
They returned to where they had come from

thana nan lak sipa kuniya madhin, thanamunya kaymel mayka.
and took her with them.

Thana noe miyaydhin noe, thana karimidhin kedha sena markiyal a matha kedha sena bupaw uruyl nawul muray, na nuy naw iinu,
They could hear the markay and the bush creatures singing,
“kazi muli muli paymuli ya,ngoelmunka matha mithaka may e”.

Ina gidhaw kuth.
This is the end of the story.

Ngay lak koeyma eso mura nithamunka.
I thank you all very much.

Ngay lak apasin ngaw thathika.
I pay my respects to my father

Nuydh ngoena koesimdhin.
He raised me
Inaabi gidha lak nubeka kuniya umayk, matha kedha kazil a
kaziw kazika, 
Retelling his story again, for our children and their children.

Thank you. 
Words in red* Storyteller error with character names.
Wawa is name of the creature not the man.
Kimus is the name of the spear.

The story of Atmer and Gelam told by Elimo Tapim.


A mother's trickery and lies cause Gelam, a skillful hunter, to flee his island in a wooden dugong and travel eastward - a  journey that eventuates in creation of the islands of Mer, Waier and Dauar.

The Gelam song is sung by Fr Elimo Tapim and Mrs Renah Tapim, Mer.

Storyteller: Elimo Tapim
Translator: Aicey Day
Language: Meriam Mir
Dialect: Meriam Mir
Island: Mer (Murray)

Ka iaka Atwer iba Gelamei darataute
I will tell the story of Atwer and Gelam.
Atwer iba Gelam ei wi odarali ei wi able, able kaur ge nei abra, Moa
Atwer and Gelam lived on an Island called Moa.
Able kaur ira nei wi odarali ei
That is the name of the Island they lived on.

Atwer ide tabara able kebe werem tabara ikuari, nade e akaida aule aule baidari,
Atwer gave her son, when he became of age,
E ge eudige abra Meriam sarik abra dirsiri
she started making him a Meriam weapon.
Meriam sarik abra dirsiri, abi ikuari abi
Made a Meriam weapon and gave it to him.
E obaskeli gair gerger ge weiekiamdari utlam, obakesli ebur otitimedli,
Every day after awaking from sleep; he would go to hunt for birds,
Wotaisi tabara Apu waiaisweli.
and give to his Mother.

Derged derged le e tabara waidagi, derged kak le ia otaisi Apu tabara waiaisweri.
He would keep all the fat birds to himself, and would give his Mother the lean birds.
Gair gerger ge e obakesli able ebur otitimedli,
Everyday he would go to hunt for birds,
derged derged ebur ia tabara otidagli, e derged kak ebur taba Apu de otadaisi
and would keep all the fat birds and would bring to his Mother all the lean birds.

Mena, nerut kerker ge abi apuet ide abi dasmeli?
Then one time his mother noticed what he was doing? "Naluglam kari wermet derged kak ebur kari naisweri, tabara pe derged derged ebur tidagi  tabara"?
"Why is my son giving me lean birds and keeping all the fat birds for himself"?

E ge eudige nerut kerker ge, eudige okabatagri, okabatagri,
At another time she thought to herself and planned.
E eudige bakamudari, nade abra werem abra bakamu ko ebur atimde,
When her son would go hunting for birds again, she went as well,
E ge bakamudari, keper ge berderu tabara op desauwi tabara,
but she went to a lagoon and rubbed her face with mud
Berderu tabara op tabara desauwi esemulei,
She smeared her whole face with mud,
E bakiamuda nade abra werem dawer able ebur itimli,
and she went, when her son was out hunting for birds,
E bakam abim osmeidari, e bakam abim osmeidari
she came out, showing herself to him.

Abra werem egremada abi erdari abi, e ababuse dikepuarer, lamar pe dali.
her son looked and saw her, and he thought it was a ghost. Lamar ise abi ikaida, e ge eudige able ebur, sarik kem tidikri korider temrida meta em.
She scared him like a ghost, so he dropped his weapon and birds and ran home.
Korider temrida meta em tabakamudari
Ran all the way until he reached home.

Abra Apu abra korider, tabakamudari able keper ge tabara niu tabara op tabara itimurit tabara,
His mother ran to the lagoon and splashed her face with water,
Able berder adem taba oplam adem dikupamarte esemri.
and cleaned all the mud from her face
Tabakamudari meta ge osmeidari. Abra werem tabakamudari taba ge, e ge abi itmeri abi,
and reached home. Her son arrived and she asked him,
E ge abi itmeri, "sa Werem mape nako bakamuda"?
she asked him, "Son, how did you go"? e ge eudige abi iker, "nole Ama, ka bakamudari, ka bakamuda peka ebur itir epe lamar osmeidari karim,
Gelam told his mother, "No Mum, I went hunting for birds then a ghost appeared for me,
lamar osmeda, ka pe able geum ge korider temrilu".
A ghost appeared, I was scared so I ran".

Wi ge darawi lewer irwi ei, ut eididariei, nerut idim ge ko bakamudari.
Atwer and Gelam ate, then slept. When morning came he went again.

Nerut idim ge ko bakamudari, Nerut Idim ge ko bakamudari, bakamudari able ebur atimdem.
When morning came he went again, he went again to hunt for birds. Ebur atimde baka, abra Apu ko bakamudari, mokakalam berderu tabara op tabara desawi tabara esemri,
His Mother went again covering her face with mud,
E bakamudari. Werem pe abra dali abra ebur itimrili, e bakamuda e ge osmeidari,
Her son was hunting for birds and she came out, showing herself,
Abi wermet abi erdari abi,
her son saw her and was very frightened,
geum ge lu tabara tidikri korider temridari, korider temridari meta em.
he dropped everything and ran quickly home. Abra Apu ko tabakamudari able keper ge, tabara op tabara niu tabara itimuari able berder adem abi oplam ikeri.
His mother ran again to the lagoon, splashing water over her face to wash the mud off.

Mena, e abi mena abi mokakalam abi oka abi ordirdare, oka abi ordirdali abi.
She kept continued to keep frightening him and scaring him.
Nerut kerker ge ga namiredi wi lewer eroli, lewer eroli,
One day they were sitting having something to eat, ege abi Apuet able berder able oplam adem ikeri,
and the Mother had cleaned her face from mud,
taba oplam adem ikeri, no netat ge abi girip ge, girip, laip ge apek ge.
she had cleaned her face, but missed a spot of mud behind her ear. Able kebe berder ge able ege epkerder.
A small patch of mud was there.
Nade Gelam ide able berder abra derdari, e ge eudige okabatagri,
When Gelam seen the mud on her, he thought to himself,
"Karim, Karim kara Apu obasker, karim kara Apu obasker pe kari oka kari onardarer"?
"Ah, I think my Mother is the one that goes and frightens me"? "Ka ge ababuse odikepuarer lamar dali, epe kara Apu,
I thought all this time it was a ghost, but it was my Mother,
Apu odawer pe obasker kari oka kari onardarer kari.
my Mother always goes and frightens me.

Eudige dikepuari ese ka mena geka nawer ka, able kaur ge,
He thought to himself, "If I was to remain here on this Island,
kari Apuet mena able, able lu karim waikerer, able lu karim waikerer kari oka onardarer.
my Mother will continue to frighten me.
Debele pe ikeredi kai abi dakailu ka naba kiamulei, nerut gedim.
It would be better if I leave her and go to another place."

Nerut gerger ge etidari, e nole bakamda ebur atimdare,
One day he awoke, but he didn't go to hunt for birds,
e bakamda lu gem dasmerer.
instead he went in search of something else. E baka netat lu erdari e eudige ismidari,
He went and found a log and began cutting it,
ismidari e eudige etwaki, eudige etwaki deger orwai orwai,
after cutting he began to carve it into the shape of a Dugong,
deger etwaki esemudari, eudige igardi bakamudari,
he carved a Dugong and took it

gur ge abi akmeidari, gur ge abi itimedari ege eudige epi,
and threw it into the sea and it just floated on the surface.
auka perper, auka perper lu e no epi.
It was very light in weight and just floated.
E ge able lu erpeidari kei imuardari, kei imuardari Mabuaig iba narid Badu ei,
So he grabbed the thing and sent it floating to the Islands of Mabuaig and Badu
able deger erpeida kei imuardari,
that's where he sent the Dugong
able kerker ge able deger darasmerer pe able sirid ge uridli, able sirid uteb ge pe uridli.
At this present time the dugongs are seen swimming in these shallow waters.

Nerut gerger ge ga bakamuda nerut lu ismidari.
Another day he went and cut another log,
Nerut lu ismidari, etwaki eudige bakamudari gur ge itimedari e eudige baitri kemer kemer,
he cut another log, carved it again and threw it into the sea and it just sank
No kemer kemer baitri e ge abi terpeidari ke abi Daudai em ke abi timwadari,
it just sank so he grabbed it and pushed it towards Papua New Guniea,
able deger pe uridli, Daudai ge
which are those Dugong that you would find there at PNG.
Nerut ga ismidari;
He cut another Log;
Nerut gerger ge ga bakamudari, baka nerut lu erdari, nerut lu ga ismidari etwaki esemudari,
The next day he went out again and found and cut another log.
deger, deger orwai orwai etwaki esemudari.
Then he carved it into the shape of a Dugong til it was complete.
Ika dari bakamudari abi gur ge akmeidari, gur ge itimedari,
He took it and placed it in the sea
e ge no wapum baitri wapum baitri,
and it didn't sink as fast and was just floating below the surface of the water.
e ge eudige muige dikepuari "able lu pe dali, kaiaka able lu ge naba kiamu adem".
He thought to himself, "this is the vessel I will be leaving in".
Tigargdi taba kiamuda ikedidari, baka tabara Apu erdari, darawi ut eididariei.
He brought it up and left it, and went to see his Mother and slept.
Nerut gerger ge, e ge tabakamudari,
The next day,
e tabakamudari lewer kemer kemer aisi kurup lewer a sep lewer, kemer kemer aisi bakamudari,
he gathered food, he took all the fruit and vegetables
able deger ge keimer peke, keimer peke asgi,
and placed them inside the left side of the Dugong.
keimer peke asgi, asgi esemuda, gair lewer, sep ko adari,
He placed all food into the left side
debe sep, ko adari aisi bakamudari able ebur ge muige idagi.
and also took the best soil and placed it into the Dugong.
Lim iakaida kikem emrida ege tabakamudari taba tabara Apu tabara erdari. Wi ge lewer irwiei esemudariei.
It was in the afternoon and he came to see his Mother and they ate dinner.

E ge eudige akaida Apu tabara itmeri tabara, " Ama, aka ma idim ge nalu ikerer"?
Gelam asked his Mother, "Mum, what will you be doing tomorrow"?
E ge abi Apuet abi ikaidari, "nole kai nabakiamu mekikem iaka idim ge".
Atwer answered, "I will be going fishing in the morning". E ge eudigeabi ikaidari abi,
Gelam said to his Mother,
"ma baka mekikem, mise ma auka larr erdar, auka larr erdar, ma ge karim, kari tarabger".
"You go fishing and if you see a very big fish, you yell out to me".
Maia karim erer tekri iaka nabaka meriba able au larr askei'ei meriba". 
"You will call for me, so I can go and spear the big fish for us".
E ge abi iker "Wau".
And Atwer answered "Yes".

Wi baka ut eididariei, idim
They went to sleep,
ge ekiamudariei, abra Apu, abi Apuet mekik tabara detrapi, abi sepem. 
woke up,  and his Mother gathered her fishing gear and went down.
Bakamudari meskep ge ga ikueider mekikem. 
She went and stood fishing on the reef.
E ge bakamuda daraweida, bakamudari, baka able deger ge tabadari, deger, deger ge tabadari, deger ge ga tabakamu.
Gelam went the other way, he then went inside the Dugong and came towards his Mother.
Tabakamu e ge tegremadari tabara Apu erdari, tabara Apu erdari, e eudige tabaitri, tabaitri, tabakamu abi doge ge maikakar ge bakamu abi doge ge maike ge bakamudari.
Gelam swam, and seen his Mother, he slowly sank and swam really close to his Mother.
Abi Apuet able larr erdari e eudige erer tekriei abim,
His mother seen the large fish and yelled at the top of her voice,
"Gelam, Gelam, ma tabakamu meriba auka larr imadali,
"Gelam, Gelam come there's a big fish for us here,
meriba auka larr imadali ma tabakamu akos".
there's a big fish for us here come and spear it".
E erer pe ekrili,
She was still yelling out,
ege abi doge ge maikakar ge bakamudari,
and he swam really close to her, baka adem, adem bakamudari, a ko tabakamu, ko taba.
then swam out a bit then Gelam turned and swam in again towards her. 
Abra Apu pe mena, mena erer ekrili, ekrili abim
His mother was still yelling out to him,
"Gelam, Gelam ma tabakamu meriba au larr imadali, ma taba akos".
"Gelam, Gelam come there's big fish for us, come and spear it".

E taba maikakar ge, maikakar ge ekueidari, maikakar ge ekueidari, eudige able aremlam osmeidari, able larr lam osmeidari, akaida abi ikaida,
He came up really close and then he came out from the top of the Dugong saying,
" Ama kaka peka nali Gelam, kaka peka nali Gelam, Kai mari able gerger ge ika mari nakailu mari".
" Mother, it is I Gelam. It is I Gelam, on this very day I am leaving you".
E ge eudige abi ikerer, eudige ge abi ikerer,
Atwer said to Gelam, "Ooh Gelam, ma mokak bakamu, ma mokak kari nakair kari. Ma no kara netat werem ma nali".
"Ooh Gelam, you cannot go, you cannot leave me.  You are my only son".

E ge eudige akaida abi ikaidari,
Gelam said to her, " nole Ama, ma umele ka gair gerger obasker ka ebur waitimder,
"No Mother, you know when I go out hunting for birds
ma pe obasker kari oka ma kari onardarer ma kari,
and you are the one frightening me, Berderu mara op mara odisauwer, ma obasker kari ma waiosmer,
rubbing your face with mud and then you would show yourself to me,
kaka ababuse dikepuarer lamar dali, mape kari ma oka ma kari onardarer".
and I would think it's a ghost but it's you frightening me".
"Ka kara idoni kara detauwerili, ka kara idoni batauwer, kaka mokak mena mari doge nawer,
I have made up my mind, I cannot stay here with you, Mise ka mena mari doge nawer ma able, ma able tonar ia ikerer karim, kari oka kai nardarer.
if I stay here  you will continue to frighten me Ka mari able gerger ika mari nakailu, ka naba kaimulu muris gedim".
I will leave you on this very day, I'm going to a faraway place".

Abi apuet ge abi nab ga abi demegrer abi, "Nole Gelam, Gelam ma mokak baka kari nakair ma no kara netat werem ma kara nali". 
Atwer begged Gelam, "No Gelam, you cannot leave me, You are my only son" "Nole ama ka mari peka mari nakaireti".
Gelam replied "No mother, I'm leaving you now".
Baka able deger ge badari e baitri bakamudari, kei bakamudari ge Nagir e ge, Nagir ge akarikdari.
He went inside the Dugong and dived into the sea and surfaced at Nagir Island.
E eudige taba tauerikdari, taba tauerikdari Moa ra able paser derdare, e ke
He turned to look back and could still see the peak of Moa and said,
"nole ese ka ge ka nauwer, Ama pe maikakar ge pe dali,
"no if I stay here, Mother is near by", "kari Ama de kari otadasmer e able gur otadatupi otaba kari kari onardar.
"my Mother will see me and would swim across the ocean to see me".

Ege no kep kep lewer ge digi ge, kep kep lewer ge digi,
He took a little bit of the food out at Nagir Island.
ko baitri, ko baitri bakamudari, bakamudari ge Poruma ge akarikda,
he sank again and swam away until he surfaced at Poruma.
Poruma ge akarikdari ga tegremadari e mena able paser dasmerer ege akaidari,
He surfaced at Poruma and looked back a he could still see the Peak of Moa and said,
"ese ka geka nauer ka kari apuet kari otadasmer able gedlam e otabakamu".
"If I stay here, my Mother can still see me". Ege wader lewer ge ko ge digi,
He then took a little bit of the food out at Poruma,
ga bakamudari baitri Masig e ge akarikdari,
then swam and surfaced at Masig Island,
Masig ge temri akarikdari tegremadari,
where he stopped and looked back and said,
"Nole mena maikakar ge ike kari Apu em, ka ko ka nabakiamu".
"No, This is still to close to my Mother, I shall go further".

Ga baitri bakamudari, baka Erub ge akarik
He swam again until he surfaced at Erub Island.
Erub ge weiemridari ege egremadari,
He wanted to stay at Erub but he looked across,

Ege egremadari Mer i erdari, Mer i erdari, e eudige akaidari,
he looked across and seen Mer Island and said,
"ese ka naba ge ka taramrilu ka, kari ama ide umerer kari otadasmer kari, able ged lam".
"If I go and stay there, my Mother won't be able to see me from there". E ge wader lewer ga digi ge Erub ge, ale
He then took some food out and left it at Erub Island,
kemer kemer ge aisi lewer kemer kemer lewer a sep ga aisi Mer em bakamuda,
and the rest of all the food and soil he took to Mer,
Bakamu ge Mer ge temridari e baka e kikem ke eididari Naiger pekem eididari, Naiger em abra op abra dikeredi e eididari,
Gelam went to stay at Mer.  He laid facing the Naiger wind, the north east

Ale Naiger esmiri, Naiger esmiri abra nonor abra ditpi abra e ko batauwerikda,
The Naiger wind was blowing and tickled his nostril
e ko batauwerikdari e Ziai em eidida.
so he turned and faced towards the Ziai wind, the south east.

Ziai em eididari,
Turning towards the Ziai wind,
baiwi, baiwi, mena mamor eididari, mamor eididari ga ipereder.
he buried himself into the ground until he couldn't move.
Kiki lim ge Ziai, Ziai esmiri kikem, nonor abra ditpi abra
Late in the afternoon the Ziai wind began to blow and tickled his nostrils,
ege eudige siau esi, siau esi, neis wada, ge taba pit lam nausmedari,
and he sneezed, two seeds came out of his nose,
eusmerdari abi abi nonor lam, able neis kaur nardiredi maikakar ge abi doge,
it came out of his nostrils, which is the two Islands which are positioned close to Gelam,
Dowar iba Waier ei.
Dowar Island and Waier Island

Able mir peka detauti peka, pe kara able mir pe esemri able mir pe ikeredi,
This story I've just told, I've now come to the end of the story
keriba, keriba mir, nade ge ople ge able gesep detami,
Which is our stories from when God created this world, gair lu daratagemda pa mi zogo ziawali ge dasmererda.
all creation as we see in the Bible.
Keriba pe nagri keriba mir pe nagri nako keriba kaur keriba tabakauder pa naridwerterda able orwai orwai.
This is our stories on how our Islands came to be in that position and of its special shape.
No kara able mir pe dike,  Au Esoau.
That is all I have to say, Thank You

Able neis wada ge nawer, ge abi nonorlam osmedari pe nardidari Dowar iba Waier ei, ge emrilu ge.
The two seeds remained, which came out of his nostrils, Dowar and Waier.
Abra Apu iaka dataute.
I will tell you about his Mother.
Abra Apu pe dikuwe abim ieswi, no epigemidari bakir pa ikueireder able kerker ge.
Gelam's Mother was standing there crying for him, changed into a stone where she stood.
Ese ma able gerger ge baka ma abi dasmeri abi, epe noko ikueiredi adge, meskep ge
If you go on this day, you will see her standing out when the tide is low.
nade pe meg otogrer, nade pe meg otogrer epe zeuber otabasker, meg otabasker, muige able bakir ge,
when the tide comes up and when the waves come rolling in, the tide goes inside the stone,
nako, nako pe noko obasker, pe noko muige otidirsir,
how it manages to go inside,
epe abra poni ge abra ale kebe i abra odisker
but Atwer's eye's you can see the tears run down,
able gur sus, gur sus ale otabakesle ale bakir kur ge pe onaselare epe,
ocean tears comes out and falls down
waike mokakalam e mena ikueiredi Gelam i iesoli.
which looks as if Atwer is still crying for her son GELAM.
Au Esoau Marim
Thank You

The story of Biw told by Harriet Ober.


Biw, the mangrove pod, and Githalay, the crab trigger, create a chain of events that end in the sea becoming salty.

Storyteller: Harriet Ober
Translation: Leonora Adidi
Language: Kala Lagaw Ya
Dialect: Kalaw Kawaw Ya
Island: Saibai

Kapu kut, nguzu nel Harriet Ober.
Good afternoon, my name is Harriet Ober.

Ngath kay sena Biw adhi umaypa.
Iam going to tell you the story of Biw.

Na Biw gimal puzipu, Githalay apal niparuy,
Once there was a mangrove pod Biw, hanging in the mangrove tree. On the muddy ground below lived Githalay the mud crab.

Na nanga Biw mulupa paraydhin nanga, nan Githalay ludanamoedhin,
One day Biw fell from the tree and pierced the shell of Githalay.

Na kedha Githalay “Igoeri igoeri igoeri !” ,
Githalay cried out in pain "Igoeri igoeri igoeri !"

“Kake Akul aya ina Biw papathamoeypa”
“Akul come ! help me and cut Biw”

Na Akul seyki ngapa nan Biw papathamoeyn.
Along came Akul the mud mussel and cut up Biw with her shell.

Na kedha Biw “Igoeri igoeri igoeri !”
Biw cried in pain "Igoeri igoeri igoeri !"

“Kake Muy aya, ina Akul muypunoethaypa”
"Muy come and burn Akul !"

Na Muy seyki ngapa nan Akul muypunathan.
Along came the fire, Muy, and roasted Akul.

Na kedha Akul “Igoeri igoeri igoeri !”
Akul cried in pain “Igoeri igoeri igoeri !”

“Kake Woer aya ina Muy woesimpa”
Woer come and put out Muy.

Na Woer seyki ngapa nan Muy woesiman
Along came Woer the water and put out Muy.

Na kedha Muy “ Igoeri igoeri igoeri ! “
Muy cried in pain “Igoeri igoeri igoeri !”

Na kalanu aw na Guziguz seyki ngapa nan Woer wanidhin.
Along came Guziguz the jellyfish and drank up Woer.

Kalanu na Guziguz mura dhawgi githalay loegiya noeypuyaydhin.
Guziguz lapped up all the water in the crevices where the crabs and mudskipper dwelled. 
Nuy kalanu garkaz gathapa uzaraydhin, nuydh nan Guziguz imadhin,
A man named Kimus went walking along the shore, he saw Guziguz.

Nuydh kalanu nan dagulan pagadhin.
He pierced her with his spear.

Na kalanu woer adhapadhan “bubu bubu bubu bubu bubu bubu”
Water came gushing out

Thana kalanu Malugal aw waru aypulumaypa memayidhin.
Then the people from Malu went hunting for turtle.

Thana waru woerapun uthudhin, thana na kuniya tidemidhin thana kalanu nan waru pugadhin.
They speared one turtle, and returned home, where they butchered the turtle.

Thana yoel pathadhin, thana kalanu nan yoel malupa adhathayadhin.
They cut out the gall bladder and threw the gall bladder into the sea.

Na kalanu malu gidhthayaydhin theralnga.
It caused the sea to become salty.

Matha kedha muwasin nguzu moegina adhi. Eso.
That is the end of the story. Thank you.

The meaning of the story

Ina nabi adhi nanga zugubaw thonarpa buwaylthoeyayzinga.
This is a story about the seasons.

Zugubaw nelayl kedha,
The names of the seasons are

waku doebu moelpal
Waku Doebu Moelpal the rainy season

sageraw thonar
Sageraw Thonar the time of easterly gale force winds

naygayiw thunar
Naygayiw Thunar the time of northerly winds

baydhamaw thonar
Baydhamaw Thonar the dry season

kukiyaw thunar
Kukiyaw Thunar the time of strong westerly winds

in nuy zey nanga kasa thanamuniya kawbibidh nurepa.
and Zey. Zey blows in from the south, changes direction and fans the island from all the wind directions.

In nanga waku doebu moelpal nanga, dharbanu mura woer zilamiz.
During Waku Doebu Moelpal, the rainy season, the gardens become water-logged.

In nuy na sager nanga, nuy minakay kawragil gub,
The Sager wind, the easterly wind is very troublesome,

nuy kasa matha watha wathiya payepa. Nuy wathaw gub.
It blows throughout the year.

Naygay, in na naygay nanga, dhawdhayngu ngapa nukowab gub balthayan.
During Naygay the time of the northerly winds, the soft north-westerly wind blows in from Papua New Guinea.

Thana puyl nis noeridhoemoeyn, dharbanu ayde kayn nikil guythwayamoeyn
Leaves fall from the tree and new shoots spring up in the gardens.

Baydhamaw thunar nanga, pupul mura woeydhameoyn, boeradhar pismuliz,
During Baydhamaw Thonar, the dry season, the swamp dries up, and the swamp bed cracks up.

senabi thunara nanga lak kayn apawloegal poepathoemoeyn,
Also during this time, new garden beds are tilled for planting,

apawlag balbaytidan, kayn nagun lak uthun.
the gardens are prepared for planting of new crops.

Kukiyaw thunar nanga, mabaygan malu ay lumayginga, malu gegayadhmizin.

During Kukiyaw Thunar the time when the westerly blows, people do not fish or hunt in the sea,the sea becomes very rough and murky.
In nanga nuy zey nanga, nuy kasa thanamuniya dhadhiya kawbibidh nurepa.
The Zey wind. Zey the soft cool breeze blows in from the south, changes and fans the island from all the wind directions.

Matha kedha muwasin, Eso.
That is all, finished, thank you!

The story of Doker told by Isaac Charlie.


A man catches a turtle and travels around the island of Badu. He finds a beautiful waterhole and has an unfortunate accident.

Storyteller: Isaac Charlie
Translator: Leonora Adidi
Language: Kala Lagaw Ya
Dialect: Mabuiag
Island: Badu

Wa, ina gar ngath kuyk ayman inaabi gidha, na ngalpun kulba gidha, na ngaw thathiw umayzinga.
I am telling this story, our old story, told by my father.

Ngath nuyn inuubi gidha kuyk ayman iinu ngalpunka.
I am  telling this story for us

Kaypaypa mina kulay butaw thonar, mabaygal kulzi mika, ngalpun goegaythnu Badhunu.
A long time ago, people lived in a village on Badu.

Nuy urpun mabayg, nungu nel Doker, nuy miyar Arganinu.
A man called Doker lived in Argan.

Wara goeygayi nuy muluka, nuy kedha urka, adhabadh urka nuydh gasamamdhin waaru.
One day he went to the sea and caught a turtle.

Na mina waaru lawnga, na maywa, nuydh nan gasamdhin,
It wasn't a good turtle. It was a maywa, a big-headed turtle, he had caught.

nuydh nan madhin, kasa kedha nubeka nabeka sewa pugayka lawnga,
He took it but he could not cut it up there

nungu ubiginga, nanu maywa kulkangu adhaka maythalay, bubun pardhan adhaka,
He did not want to spill the blood of the turtle onto the incoming tide.

nuydh sena maywa pa yuthadhin adhiya, thoeriya, Tuduya adhiya, Yaziya, Waruya adhiya pa yuwthar.
He took pulled the turtle along the reef at Tudu, Yazi,  Waru,

Kaypay ngur thayadhin, kaypayki Ziginiw Ngurya adhiya,
and came around Ziginiw Ngur,
Sisalay ya adhiya, Sisalay ngur, Ziginiw ngurka wadh seenu ngapa, Ziginiw ngur, Sisalay ngur.
and Sisalay Ngur.

Si noe Sisalay mangaydhin nuy kadaka uzaraydhin
When he reached Sisalay he went ashore,

nan thabay tharadhin, madhin nan waaru, sena maywa.
He took the turtle, maywa, and placed it on his shoulders.

Muydh nan sena maywa madhin, kayopa angar Kotheydhiya pawpa,
He carried the turtle to Kotheydh.

Kotheydhiya muya, padiya muya, seseren goegaythiya, nuy
He went through Kotheydh and through the hills, and through Seseren Goegayth

kayopa adhadhin kowtinabaw buthuka nuy noe kowtinabaw buthuka adhadhin, nuydh imadhin kula siyar.
When he reached Kowtinabaw Buthu he saw a rock standing there.

Nuy uzari sena wap thabaynu siyar si nagi, nuydh iman kedha, o ina kapunga, ngath waaru ina pugayk sena maywa.
When he looked and he saw it was a suitable place to cut up the turtle.

Nuydh nan pugan, maywa si,
He started cutting up the turtle

kedha mayka nanu kulaw muydhadh nge nungu ubiginga kulkaka adhaka bubun pardhan,
He did not want the flesh and blood to spill into the incoming tide.

kula si, na kulka si tharal senaabi kulanu.
There was a rock, the blood was pooled on the rock.

Nuydh matha sena madhul kadaka kusumdhin, amayka, nuydh amay ayimdhin, Doker.
Doker only took the flesh to cook in the amay, an earth oven.

Nuydh noe amay ayimdhin, amay adhaka madhin kapu giyanga,
He covered the food in the amay until it was well-cooked.

nuy purthaydhin, madhun purthaydhin, wagel nuy uthuy nge yunadhin,
He ate the flesh before he would go to sleep,

tayat miyaydhin, gaamu nungu meymiyaydhin.
he was tired,

Mikiya nuy matha apiya yunadhin uthuy.
He took a nap.

Nuy uthuyngu kadakamiyaydhin.
When he awakened

Nuy noe uthuyngu kadaka miyaydhin, nungu koey ngukinay miyaydhin.
he was very thirsty

Nuy kedha ulmay, nguki nagay kayopa lak pawpakidh,
He went searching for water,

lak kayopa adhadhin yaziya, nuy noe siki adhadhin noe,
nuydh imadhin, nuy kedha o ina kapu nguuki ina tharayk.
out towards Yazi, and he came upon a nice fresh pool of water.

Wa, urpagayka nuy si katpalgidhin, urpagadhin,
He jumped into the pool and swam

mikiya koeyma gar nuy ngukin wanaydhin,
he drank, he drank too much water.

nuy noe mina koeyma ngukin wanaydhin noe, nungungu gar
kakur pudhaydhin,
He drank so much water, his testicles fell into the pool.

na ngalpun gidha kedha,
The way the story goes

na kakur pudhaydhin nungungu,
senaabi nguuki nan kedha tharayk,
seenu nuy midhi nguki pagadhin, nungu kakur pudhaydhin, senaabi nguuki kedha tharayk Dokeran kakur. Senaabi nguuki Dokeran kakur.
where the testicles fell, that pool of water is called Dokeran Kakur.

Senaabi nguuki na matha pungayk.
That water is always running, it doesn't go dry.

Wa, senaabi kakur gar noe nungungu pudhaydhin, nuydh tharthayadhin sena nungu kakur, kula ayimdhin.
When the testicles fell, he touched them and they turned to stone.

Senaabi kula sena matha sika kayib,
That rock is still there today.

matha ngalpa ngalpun kazin, kaziw kaziw kazil, ngalpa yawayayk nan senaabi kakur sena matha sika nan kedha tharayk Dokeran kakur.
For our children and their children, we can see the rock, it is called Dokeran Kakur.

Nabiya nguuki matha pungayk kursik kayib,
The water is still running until this day
patapaygi nguuki, sena tharayk kedha tharayk Dokeran kakur.
It never ends the water called Dokeran Kakur.

Wa matha kedha gar, ina gidhaw kuth.
That is all, the end of the story.

Ngalpun gidhaw kuth iinu.
Our story ends here.

The story of Wameyal told by Eric Babia.


Children's love and obsession with playing string games land them into trouble with their parents.

Storyteller: Eric Babia
Translator: Dimple Bani
Language: Kala Lagaw Ya
Dialect: Mabuiag
Island: Mabuiag

Kaypa kulay thonarnu, moegi lag nuy Pulu seenu, naygay dagamunu nuy senuubi goegayth miyar, senuubi laganu Pulu.
A long time ago, there was a village situated on the northern side of a small island named Pulu.

Moekazil si, garka kazil a poekaykazil. Thana si wameyaw sagul iinu nuy, sagul iinu kedha, wameyaw sagul seenu.
The children there, little boys and girls always went about playing a string game called wameyal.

Thana mura goeygaynu senaabi sagul tharadh, ngoedhe nge thana ngoedhe nge ubiginga kedha seenu nuy sagul wanan.
They played that game a lot.  It was everyday now that they played and this caused concern for their parents because it's as if they didn't want to stop.

Thanamun apual a, apual a thathil si ya umadhin thanamunka kedha, kedha wanaw, pamoeyka sagul tharimidhin senuubi wameyaw sagul.
The mothers and fathers began to speak to their children not to continue with that string game.

Thanamun kursaypagayginga, thana matha sagul tharadh pamoeyka.
The children took no notice of their parents; they kept on playing that game.

Daparngu pudhaydhinkoey kula seenu thanamunya gimna pudhaydhin moekaziya.
Then without warning, a big stone dropped from the sky and fell on the children.

Senuubi gidha wa, seenu nuy senuubi gidha ngoedhe kedha nge, nuy moekazi ngoedhe nidh nuyn ya ngoedhe seenu kedha, kedha zapungu kay nibeka meyaythalay a, moekazil setha, kursaypagimiw nithamun apuaw thathika.
The moral of the story is that if you do not listen to your parents, something will happen to you.

Senuubi kula si kayibaw goeygayka nuy seenu koey kula matha meka, nuy seenu naygay dagamunu si pulunu.
A big stone can still be seen today on the northern side of the island of Pulu.

Thank you

Demonstration of wameyal

Iinu ngath aymayk dhangal iinu
This is a dugong I am making.

lak kay kuykaymi kuykungu
I will begin again,

lak dhangal seenu ngath nuyn aymayk dhangal seenu,
this is a dugong I am making

nidh nuyn gasaman lak kidhikidh
when you play the strings one way, you will catch the dugong

noe wardagamka nidh nuyn kaliya adhayka mani.
and if you go the other way, you will miss it.

The story of Koemuthnab told by Matilda Bani.


A dutiful wife and her children become outcasts after a shaving incident with her angry husband.

Storyteller: Matilda Bani
Translator: Dimple Bani
Language: Kala Lagaw Ya
Dialect: Mabuiag
Island: Mabuiag

Wa kaypa kulay, si miyar kuyku mabayg,
Long ago, there lived a chief

nungu nel Kawmayn, Pulunu.
called Kawmayn, on the island of Pulu.

Pulu na seenu moegi lag kalanu Mabuyginu,
Pulu is a small island at the back of Mabuyag

Kawmayn si miyar, nungu ipil a kazil muray.
This is where Kawmayn lived with all his wives and children.

Na sena nungu kulay ipi noe, nanu nel Koemuthnab.
Koemuthnab was the name of his first wife.

Nuy koeyma nabeka nagay kedhamayka,
He seemed to depend heavily on her.

na nungungu koey kazilayg,
She was the mother of all his children.

sena warrigal kazigigal nungungu.
His other wives did not have children.

Za noe kedha aymaynga,
If there was something taking place

wa, nuy nabeka yapoeybi aymayka.
He would have her do all the preparations.

Mabaygal noe kedha ngapa Puluka mayka miyar noe,
When people were about to visit Pulu

nuy nabeka muli nubeka yathapathayka wagel kayne mabaygal mangi, nubeka imayka.
He would ask her to shave him, before their arrival.

Nadh nuyn yathapathan.
She would shave him.

Nabeka noe senaabi zageth noe mina koey ubigizi zageth, wati zageth, nadh noe nuyn yathapathan noe.
This was the task Koemuthnab didn't want to undertake.

Nuydh nabeka senaabi zageth mura thonarnu nan yapoeybarngul kedha nadh ayman senaabi zageth.
She was now being asked frequently to do this work,

a wagel kayne mabaygal mangi nubeka imayka
before people arrived.

Sa wara goeygayi nubiya ya mangaydhin Bawangu
One day, word came from Baw

kedha mabaygal Bawangu ngapa nubeka imayka,
that people wanted to visit Kawmayn

nuy ya kuniya wiyadhin kedha ayewal, thanamun ayewal madhin.
He sent a message back that they were welcome to visit him.

Sena goeyga noe gasamdhin kedha thana mangay kazil
When the day came for the visitors to arrive,

a, nuy nabeka mulaydhin Koemuthnabnaka kedha
Kawmayn said to Koemuthnab,

"aye nidh ngoena yathapathayk, mabaygal mangay kazil Bawangu".
"People are visiting me today from Baw so come and shave me".

Wa sena wadh nabeka mina ubigi zageth,
This is the job Koemuthnab really didn't want to do

senaabi zageth nabeka mina ubigi zageth.
because she didn't like it at all.

Nanu kedha noe galpis nge miyaydhin kedha nuydh nan lak yapoeybadhin a senaabi zagethka nanu senaabi kerketh,
When Kawmayn asked again, Koemuthnab lost her temper.

Wara na zilmaydhin koezi na uupi madhin nungu yathaka pathayka noe,
She grabbed a knife, went over to Kawmayn,

yatha noe pathadhin,
began to shave him

nungu wakay malaw pathadhin.
and in the process she cut off his vocal cord.

Nuy mina warkidh nabiya, nanungu ubigasidhin, nuy lak, kuniya nabeka galpisan miyaydhin, mina koeyma nanungu ubigasidhin,
Kawmayn became very angry at Koemuthnab.

nan adhaka wiyadhin sizi Pulungu kedha ni pa adhaka, nidh ngayka wati za ayimngul.
He didn't want her anymore so he sent her away from Pulu.

Thanamun adhaka wiyadhin noe, na kazin araydhin, na uzaraydhin adhaka,
So she took her children,

nuyn moegidhadhnga kuyku gima nithadhin, wara moekazil nabiya pasiya,
put her young child on her head, with the other children around her,

maluka adhaka uzaraydhin
walked down into the sea.

Si gar na malu adha thanuraydhin, kuniya nagaydhin noe, nuy matha siyar nge thanamunya wagel. Kawmayn, kasa nagay,
She looked back but Kawmayn didn't stop her.

senaabi thonara, na gar kula aymaydhin.
She walked into the water and turned to stone.

Ni noe nagi noe Puluka noe, nuy lak Kawmayn lak kula aymaydhin, nuy a nungu ipil.
Kawmayn and his wives also turned to stone.

Nuy kay Pulunu zey dagamunu sika, ni noe kedha thonara mangi noe, nidh iman kedha Kawmayn kay zey dagamunu sika,
Today at Pulu, you will see Kawmayn standing on the southern side of the island

adhaka kidh naka nabeka Koemuthnabnaka.
looking out toward Koemuthnab.

Koemuthnab napa adhal sika kazil muray,
Koemuthnab is standing in the sea with her children,

sena gar moegi kula nanu kuykunu gimal matha sika,
moekaziw kula, moekaazi seenu kula aymaydhin nabiya gima,
the small rock on top of her head, her young child still sits.

wara moegi kulal pasiya nabiya, nanu wara kazil.
The small rocks around her are the other children.

Na sena adhal sika.
She is standing out there.

Nuy Kawmayn iinu zey dagamunu sika, ipil pasiya nubiya.
He is standing to the south with is wives.

Si kedha thonarnu senaabi kulal matha mimic Pulunu.
Today you can still see these rock formations on Pulu.

Ina gidhaw kuth. Koeyma eso.
This is the end of the story. Thank you very much.

The collection also includes a digital story about the Culture Love children's workshop held on Mabiuag Island in April 2010.  

The digital story Amipuru, retells one of the myths recorded in Margaret Lawrie's work, Myths and Legends of Torres Strait. Children were inspired to retell Amipuru using animation, clay and sculpture in Kalaw Lagaw Ya language.