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Group of supporters waving placards and banners at the rally
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LGBTQIA+ community

Access resources identifying the diversity of LGBTQIA+ communities in Queensland including evidence of the ongoing struggle for recognition and same-sex marriage equality which became legal in December 2017.

National Day of Action for Marriage Equality rally in Brisbane, 2011

A time in Queensland's history when people came together to recognise LGBTQIA+ community acceptance and rights.  

Equal Love banner proudly displayed by protesters
Equal Love
A call to action during the Marriage Equality Rally march in Brisbane, in 2011.
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Crowd with banners march united
Love has no gender
Supporters with placard saying love has no gender during march for Marriage Equality Rally in Brisbane, 2011.
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Pride colours and Equal Love banner lead the way in the rally in George Street, Brisbane
March on George Street
A large crowd gathers for the Marriage Equality Rally in Brisbane, 2011.
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On the catalogue

Access more LGBTQIA+ community collections from the State Library of Queensland. 

Photo of various ephemera items including brochures, pamphlets and programs.
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer communities ephemera collection.
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Pride colours displayed by patrons attending the fetival
Exhibition and festivals
Ephemera linking to the Brisbane Pride Festival (aka Lesbian and Gay Pride Festival.)
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Badges and memorabilia promoting the right to live a LGBTIQ+ lifestyle
Shayne Wilde collection 1980-2010
Multiple boxes of T-shirts, poster collection and printed ephemera.
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From the blog

The blogs are State Library of Queensland’s major portal for sharing research and knowledge about Queensland identities and experiences. 

Break The Silence: Rally for Gay Law Reform (1989)
The moment when the gay rights movement began promoting demonstrations for homosexual law reform.
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Brisbane Marriage Equality Rally, 2017 (2018)
Thousands turn out for a rally in Brisbane in support of marriage equality - a pictorial essay.
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Equal Love Brisbane Collection
In 2014, the John Oxley received a donation from the pressure group Equal Love Brisbane.
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Rainbow Research Fellowship

The Rainbow Research Fellowship supports research, exploration, and creation of new knowledge about Queensland’s LGBTQIA+ histories and communities using the John Oxley Library and State Library collections and resources.
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More resources featuring LGBTQIA+ culture in Queensland, oral histories and 25 years of the Anti-Discrimination Act (1991) and its role in shaping the social cohesion of Queensland. 

 Brisbane Marriage Equality Rally protesters in Queens Gardens, Brisbane, Queensland, 10 September 2017
LGBT Thought and Culture
A database hosting books, periodicals, memoirs, biographies, poetry, letters, works of fiction.
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The Anti-discrimination Act (1991) had an impact on all Queenslanders.
25 years of the Anti-Discrimination Act (1991) in 2016
Seven digital stories describing the impact of the Anti-Discrimination Act (1991) in Queensland.
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Demonstrators return to Queen's Park after march for Marriage Equality Rally in Brisbane, 2011
LGBT Lives: oral histories (2011)
Gay and lesbian people actively changing the political and social conditions for LGBTQIA+ culture.
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