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Saffron, D. (2012). 28430 Dean Saffron 2012 Queensland State Election Photographs March 2012.
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Political persuasions

Politics in Queensland is topical and sometimes controversial. Explore the unique collections reflecting the contemporary influences on Queensland. The content has a distinctly Queensland focus.

Adani Coal Mine Protest Photographs

The collection of images by photographer Hamish Cairns capture the demonstration held in Brisbane, November 2017 against the Adani Carmichael Coal Mine planned for Central Queensland. It was part of a coordinated National Day of Action during which participants around Australia signalled to the government to 'Stop Adani'. [Acc 31419]
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Coral not coal
Journalists interview Kate Jones on election night in Ashgrove, Brisbane 2015
Queensland State Election Photographs, 2015
When former Premier Campbell Newman announced a snap election for 31 January 2015, not many predicted the final outcome. Kate Jones defeated the Liberal National Party leader. The election night party took place at the Northern Suburbs Hockey Club, Dorrington Park on Mirrabooka Road, Ashgrove. This collection of 40 photographs taken by photographer Dean Saffron demonstrates the euphoria on the occasion. [Acc 29750]
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Political cartoon
Election ephemera
State Library of Queensland collects ephemeral materials produced for State and Federal elections conducted in Queensland. It provides an official account of the candidates across the state, official electoral areas, the various parties and party slogans. In 2016 John Oxley Library Fellow Lorann Downer described the material as “treasure not trash”…
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Digital stories

State Library of Queensland collects digital stories that capture and reflect the social history of the time. This small selection gives us an insight into decisions that impacted on Queenslanders and the decisions to recognise the rights of people in society.

Cane Toad Times

Cane Toad Times was a satirical magazine first published in Brisbane, Queensland during the late 1970s. Editor and writer Anne Jones talks about the magazine, the politics and social climate at the time. [Acc 28598]

City for Sale

This film describes the impact the demolition of buildings and houses had on the residents and tenants living in South Brisbane in the lead up to WORLD EXPO 1988. [Acc 29461] 

Anti-discrimination 25 yrs on

7 digital stories, each reflecting on the 25 years since the Anti-Discrimination Act (1991) came into being in Queensland. [Acc 30684]

Politics and Law in Queensland

Since the Fitzgerald Report on corruption and misconduct in Queensland was handed down academics, authors and commentators have contributed to ongoing discussion and debate. The Tony Fitzgerald Lecture is a partnership between Griffith Criminology Institute and the State Library of Queensland. Others in the series include: Professor Gillian Triggs shares her unique insights into the decline of human rights in an Australian democracy (2016); Professor Emeritus David Bayley reviews police accountability internationally since the Fitzgerald report in 1989, locating Queensland's activities within that history (2014).
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Tony Fitzgerald handing a copy of the Fitzgerald Report to Premier Mike Ahern, 1989

Richard Lancaster interviews former Queensland Premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen

In 1988 Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen talked with producer Richard Lancaster about his style of government and the factors that had helped shape that style. The first 6 tapes were recorded in two sittings during August 1988, three months before he appeared before the Fitzgerald Inquiry. The 7th interview shows a more serious and sombre Sir Joh. Recorded in December 1988 and before the Inquiry's findings were made public, Sir Joh emphasised that although he was responsible for everything his government initiated, he was not responsible for the corrupt actions of individuals within his government. [Acc 31398]
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Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen speaking to Frontline

Alan Moir Cartoons

The John Oxley Library holds significant collections relating to political cartoons and art works. The Alan Moir collection comprises 149 editorial cartoons which were published in the Courier-Mail, Brisbane; the Sydney Morning Herald and the Sun newspapers. Alan worked with the Brisbane Courier Mail from 1979 to 1984. [Acc 3190]
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Commission for change
Political propaganda
Political propaganda
A collection of posters and images providing a glimpse into political advertising and actions from the past. Shared on Flickr Commons the slogans, images and events tell a story about our political past.
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Vote for Hodge
Vote Queensland
Queenslanders have never shied away from the democratic process of voting. This collection of photographs from the John Oxley Library showcases some of Queensland's voting history and the faces of Queenslanders as they go about the business of elections. [21218667530002061]
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