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Family History webcasts

The webcasts below cover topics including family history, genealogy and related elements of Queensland history and heritage.

The videos have been divided up into: Life events, Travel and migration, Time and place, and Oral histories. Each section is organised with the latest talk at the beginning. Click on the video you want to watch. Click on play. To view video in full screen, click on " [ ] " in bottom right hand corner.

Life Events

A life event is an event that changes your life in some way. Records of major life events form the building blocks of family history research. View these videos to gain an idea on what resources to search, and where they're located.

Travel and migration

Settlement in Australia began in 1788. Since then millions of people from Europe and around the world have arrived in Australia, as migrants or convicts. These talks can connect you to new resources. They can help you discover ways to locate information to further your research.

Time and Place

View these videos to see what types of resources you can search to find your ancestor in a certain place at a certain time. Learn what techniques can be used to search the resources.

Oral histories

Listen to the webcast to learn more about the oral history interview process.