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Our corporate plans outline our purpose, activities and performance.


Exterior of State Library building.

State Library Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan outlines our purpose and the objectives and strategies to achieve our vision.

Strategic plan 2023–27

View our past State Library Strategic Plans.

Outside photo of the State Library of Queensland building

State Library Operational Plan

The Operational Plan outlines a year of activities, performance measures, and targets to achieve our four year Strategic Plan.

View our past State Library Operational Plans.

Operational Plan 2023-24

PDF · 77 KB

State Library of Queensland's Journey

First Nations Strategy 2024–28

A plan for reframing relationships.

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First Nations Strategy 2024-28

PDF · 4 MB

First Nations Strategy Action Plan

PDF · 1 MB

Sharing stories in the Talking Circle outside at State Library.

First Nations Recruitment and Retention Strategy 2023–25

The First Nations Recruitment and Retention Strategy is pivotal to our ongoing ambition, and it contributes to a shared future for all Queenslanders.

First Nations Recruitment and Retention Strategy 2023–25

PDF · 5 MB

State Library of Queensland staff

Strategic Workforce Plan 2021–25

The Strategic Workforce Plan details the strategies to ensure we have the right people, with the right skills to deliver our Strategic Plan vision.

Strategic Workforce Plan 2021-25

PDF · 1 MB

Staff members at reception

Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2022–26

State Library is actively committed to partnering with all employees to build a diverse, capable and confident workforce by prioritising the health and wellbeing of our people.

Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2022-26

PDF · 700 KB

Children and families strategy document cover

Children and Families Strategy 2024–28

The State Library of Queensland is committed to Queensland children and families and supporting public libraries in their vital role promoting children’s wellbeing and championing childhood.

Children and families strategy 2024-28

PDF · 2 MB

Digital Strategy: Becoming Digital by Design

A digital strategy for State Library is not about transformation from analogue to digital – a seismic shift. Rather, it is about evolution from a first generation digital library to a library that is digital by design.
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A young man examines a computer screen