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Father and mother reading book with daughter in park
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日本語 (Japanese)

Your child was born ready to learn. Every second their brain forms over a million new connections. Simple, everyday activities with you, help to make these connections strong. Talk, sing, play and read together everyday to give them the best start. 

Language is a bridge to culture so by sharing your home language, you can help your child form a strong sense of identity and belonging. Learning multiple languages at the same time does not delay a child’s speech development. In fact, it can help children learn English faster and more easily through enhanced concentration, memory, creativity and an understanding of how language works.

For more ideas on supporting your child’s language development, sign up for free customised tips via email (in English) or join a First 5 Forever session at your local library.



児童言語発達支援の追加アイデアは、無料Eメール(英語)で届く個々に合わせたヒントに申し込む か、お近くの図書館のファースト5フォーエバーのセッションに参加し入手しましょう。

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