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Yuuingan Dhilla Yari

On Monday 21st March 2022, to mark the start of UNESCO’s International Decade of Indigenous Languages, Yuuingan Dhilla Yari – friends, basket, talk in Yuggera language – invited friends to come together to talk about Queensland's Indigenous languages.

The event brought together language speakers and experts, industry professionals, academics, researchers and cultural leaders for insightful and interactive discussions about reviving and using Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, and how all of us can support Queensland’s many languages to thrive.

Yuuingan Dhilla Yari explored these possibilities for Queensland’s Indigenous languages, taking the conversation from what now to what’s next?


Welcome to Country, introduction from Cameron Costello and welcome from Vicki McDonald

Keynote speaker - Professor Jakelin Troy

Keynote speaker - Professor Clint Bracknell

Panel discussion

Aerial view of Hinchinbrook Island, 1984

Yuuingan Dhilla Yari 2023

The symposium will provide a platform to look towards the future and share strategies and initiatives, to ensure the ongoing revival of Queensland Indigenous languages in the 21st century for and by our next generations.

Event details
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3 ladies at the Yuuinagan Dhilla Yari symposium
People at Yuuinagan Dhilla Yari symposium
4 ladies at the Yuuinagan Dhilla Yari symposium
Yuuinagan Dhilla Yari panel discussion
Information desk at Yuuinagan Dhilla Yari
2 ladies having a discussion at Yuuingan Dhilla Yari
Welcome to country Yuuinagan Dhilla Yari
3 adults and 2 children Yuuinagan Dhilla Yari
Man introducing at Yuuingan Dhilla Yari
Cameron Costello
 Professor Jakelin Troy
Professor Clint Bracknell
Panel discussion Yuuingan Dhilla Yari
Mayor Phillemon Mosby, Torres Strait Island Regional Council
Audience at Yuuingan Dhilla Yari
Yuuinagan Dhilla Yari discussion
Yuuinagan Dhilla Yari discussion at table


Yuuingan Dhilla Yari Program

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Minya Birran

Minya Birran

What now for Indigenous languages? 

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