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For ages 8-15 | 6-8 January, 14-16 January, 22-24 January | 9am-2pm | Training Room, level 1 | $135

In this 3-day workshop, learn basic development skills to build and explore a virtual reality environment. You will be guided by experts and VR enthusiasts in technology design, building and experience. Progress from an idea, to building your own world in three days!

Please be aware that Virtual Reality is not suitable for everyone. The following should be considered before purchasing your tickets:

  • VR can be a lot of fun however as it is an immersive environment it can be very disorienting
  • Virtual Reality (VR) is not suitable for those with a heart condition, cardiac pacemaker or other implanted medical device, the elderly or those who are pregnant. Those with pre-existing serious medical conditions are advised to consult a doctor before using VR
  • Using VR may trigger epileptic seizure, fainting, or severe dizziness.
  • Users who use the VR equipment do so at their own risk  

Please note this is a 3-day workshop for the following dates:

Monday 6 Jan 9am-2pm / Tuesday 7 Jan 9am-2pm / Wednesday 8 Jan 9am-2pm

Tuesday 14 Jan 9am-2pm / Wednesday 15 Jan 9am-2pm / Thursday 16 Jan 9am-2pm

Wednesday 22 Jan 9am-2pm / Thursday 23 Jan 9am-2pm / Friday 24 Jan 9am-2pm


Where: Meet at Training Room, level 1. These workshops are designed for children aged 8-15.



Summer Festival

Join us for a summer of fun at our annual Summer Festival, 14 Dec - 25 Jan! With activities for children of all ages, there will be something new and exciting for your family to explore.

Bring children under 5 and explore our Jarjum Stories exhibition or dance and sing at a free First 5 Forever session.

Children 8-14 can engineer a robot racer using Lego, challenge themselves with a treasure hunt and join a game of comic book scrabble.

Teens can spark their imagination and meet new people with dedicated Dungeons and Dragons workshops, fabric printing, exploring new worlds in a VR (virtual reality) environment. Plus, teens can design their own spaces and objects, using creative and technology equipment at The Edge, including sewing machines and the laser cutter.


For ticketed activities, please be advised for that your financial institution may incur an additional processing fee. Cancellations will be accepted up to 24 hours prior to event commencement. 

State Library films, records and photographs events for use in marketing and communications. If you do not wish to be filmed, recorded or photographed please advise State Library staff upon your arrival.

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