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Photograph of artists Sandra Selig in her Ferny Grove studio, by Joe Ruckli.
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Sound performance with Sandra Selig

Join artist Sandra Selig after hours in-gallery at Meet the artists for an intimate sound performance. Surrounded by her most contemporary artworks, you will enjoy a never-seen-before performance from Selig as she responds to the exhibition.

This is a rare opportunity to experience Selig's work solo as she usually extends her multi-disciplinary artistic practice through performance as a member of the Brisbane-based electronic duo Primitive Motion.


By booking for this event, you will have exclusive access to the exhibition after hours, from 6:15 pm.

About the exhibition

Meet the artists features contemporary works by Vernon Ah Kee, Luke Roberts, Fiona Foley, Judith Wright, Leonard Brown, Anne Wallace, Sandra Selig, and Eugene Carchesio, along with screenings of all 35 James C. Sourris AM Collection of Artist Interviews.

The exhibition is curated by Julie Ewington, an authority on contemporary Australian art, showcasing the James C. Sourris AM Collection of Artist Interviews.

About the artist

In her art, Sandra Selig speculates on the wonder of the universe. Whether interweaving threads in huge gallery installations or gathering spiderwebs from the garden, Selig explores the beauty of the cosmos. She does this by deliberately seeking accidental findings. In the on-going ‘Cut Poems’ series, Selig uses found images from obsolete science textbooks; while her method is precise, demonstrating a poet’s preference for allusion, the books themselves are what stimulate her. Similarly, she is willing to harness natural elements in all their unpredictability, such as the winds that drove her drawing paper against pens and pencils for the ‘Wind Assisted Drawings’ series.

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Meet the artists

25 February – 9 July 2023 slq Gallery, level 2 #slqmeettheartists
Picture of the artist Luke Roberts, 2022