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Everyone has a story to tell. Our stories inform who we are. 

Shared Stories is a program dedicated to helping you explore your own stories and how to retell them to others. With a little help from the amazing black&write! project team and First Nations poets, Guyala Bayles and Joella Warkill, you will have access to hints and tips to help you connect with your own personal story.

Shared Stories encourages introspection and endeavours to empower you to share your stories through writing. The kuril dhagun team will be on hand to discuss, connect and help you bring your inner stories into the outer world.

There will be creative prompts and mini digital tutorial videos throughout the kuril dhagun space for you to learn and create your own work inspired by your own real life experiences.

Join us on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1-3pm to workshop and explore the power of shared stories.

Part of OId Words, New Ways: continuing the language journey showcase currently on display in kuril dhagun. 

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