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Are you a keen explorer? Are you always the first one to solve a puzzle? Does the thought of a scavenger hunt make you excited? If you answered yes then the Queensland Quest could be the challenge you’ve been waiting for.

Jump into this online adventure this summer to participate in the mysterious and possibly dangerous Queensland Quest; this interactive experience will have you collecting clues and solving problems as you explore the history and culture of our great sunny state.

Click here to open the Queensland Quest!

Things to remember:

Queensland Quest is a browser-based game compatible with Chrome and Safari.

• Read the story and try to solve the puzzles (there is no right or wrong way to solve the puzzles. Guessing is a good strategy! So is asking a grown-up for help)
• Make sure you have pen and paper on hand to work out the puzzles.
• This interactive story takes approximately thirty minutes.
• There is no 'save' option' so leave your browser open to continue.
• To go back to the previous page, use the 'back' button at the bottom of the screen. Do not click the browser back button as this will take you back to the start

Good luck! We hope you enjoy this online adventure.

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