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Registrations are now open for QMusic’s free professional development series Industry Connect, with the Brisbane series taking place at State Library of Queensland.

Industry Connect provides new and emerging artists access to industry workers and resources through facilitated workshops from April – July annually. The program aims to give each participant a greater understanding of the music industry, from song writing to release and everything in between.

Since launching in 2017, Industry Connect has helped 1,190 artists and music industry practitioners navigate the contemporary music industry landscape. Read more QMusic stories from artists across the state and apply for the workshops at www.qmusic.com.au/industry-connect

Presented by QMusic and State Library of Queensland

Thursday April 4: Starting at zero

QMusic and APRA talk about the current music market and how you can take the first steps towards building a sustainable career in the music industry.

Thursday April 18: Get good

Play your music to Australian songwriters who are writing for local and international artists as well as publishers and labels who have signed some of the most promising talent throughout Australia. This workshop will give you an insight into the creative process and help you better understand the career paths for songwriters.

Thursday May 9: It's a business

Hear from managers who have been able to build sustainable careers for their artists and have learnt how to navigate ever changing revenue streams. This workshop will help you gain a greater understanding of what it takes to be a successful artist in 2019.

Thursday May 23: Getting it out there

Chat with PR agents that are working on the releases across online, radio and TV for emerging artists as well as acts like Yungblud, Carmouflage Rose, Kim Churchill and Ocean Alley.

Thursday June 6: Click here

This workshop will better help you understand how you can use social media to grow and engage with your fan base with help from digital marketers and social media experts.

Thursday June 20: The release cycle

Hear from music distributors and managers on how a release comes together, from strategy to release timelines. This workshop will show you how a successful release plans looks and when things might not be working how to make adjustments.