Night by the fire: Storytelling through song with Keely Eggmolesse

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Join Gubbi Gubbi/Gorreng Gorreng singer-songwriter Keely Eggmolesse by the fire

We are lighting up the Talking Circle fire pit once again! Mob, upcoming artists and the general public are invited to join Gubbi Gubbi/Gorreng Gorreng singer-songwriter and activist, Keely Eggmolesse for an evening in kuril dhagun.

We'll be covering topics such as growing up in music, relationships and connections, overcoming domestic violence as a First Nations woman, and the exciting release of her upcoming album.

Plus, hear a 3-song sample from her upcoming album, Summer Vibes & Bad Habits.

Warning: This Night by the Fire may cause distress to those who have experienced Domestic Violence or other forms of abuse.

A Night by the Fire events are a trademark event hosted by kuril dhagun to activate the Talking Circle and to highlight the importance of oral storytelling for First Nations peoples and communities from a historical perspective that continues today.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the speaker are their own and the promotion of products/services is not endorsed by State Library.