Human Library Online: don’t judge a book by its cover (June)

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Borrow a human e-book online!

State Library has a large variety of e-resources available to borrow, to learn from and to enjoy. What's unique about these online human e-books is that you will borrow a real person with a story to share. 

Human Library is a safe and welcoming online space where people who may not normally meet can join in respectful conversation about difference and diversity; where difficult questions are expected, encouraged and answered. 

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There are three simple rules for a reading;

1. Readers may raise any topic or ask absolutely any question. Be curious. Be respectful.

2. It is a conversation - the human book can ask questions in return.

3. Either party can decline to answer or end the reading at any time.


This month's Human Book 

Beautiful Randomness

Meet Evie Ryder: a trans woman who is passionate about virtual reality, skateboarding, family history, DNA testing, film making, community building and social justice. Evie’s story has many chapters each showing how a life full of beautiful randomness helped her rise above discrimination.

Bookings are required and run for up to 20 minutes. The health of our human books and our clients is our top priority, for that reason our human books are now digital. All you need is access to a computer, laptop, tablet or phone with a microphone and camera. State Library will provide you a link and manage all the administration while you are in the conversation.  

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