Fabrication Lab general induction (April)

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Tickets available 6pm, 11 March.

Never used the tools in the Fabrication Lab before?

That's okay. State Library runs a weekly Fabrication Lab general induction. These inductions provide you with all the skills and knowledge to safely and efficiently use the tools.

Apart from signing up for an account, it’s the only thing you need to do before you can start using hand tools, cordless drills, hot glue guns, our paint booth, vinyl cutter, the laptops & software in Fabrication Lab at The Edge.

These inductions consist of:

  • an explanation of our terms of use
  • a rundown of the safe use of the tools
  • a hands-on, practical exercise on the tools, making something cool to take home.

With one of these inductions under your belt you’ll hopefully have the confidence to come back and try the equipment on one of your own projects or one of the many starter projects we can refer you to.

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* Please note Thu 1 April general induction is rescheduled for Thursday 6 May

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