Entwined: plants and people

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Pause, breathe and notice the complexity and beauty of plants.

Entwined: plants and people explores our intrinsic relationship with plants through photography, illustrations, immersive projections, and historical objects.  

In this evocative State Library of Queensland exhibition, Entwined displays the transformative works of award-winning creatives as they document and reinterpret plant life in modern Australia. 

Entwined also digs into State Library’s rare and beautiful botanical collections, exploring our day-to-day connection with plants, unfurling fascinating historical and contemporary stories in the process.  

See how our lives are experienced and, at times, defined through our interactions with plants across social, emotional, scientific, and creative endeavours.  

Highlights include:   

  • Joseph Banks' Florilegium and the works of Ferdinand Bauer  

  • Man & Wah’s immersive videography and Donna Davis' creative plant displacements

  • The rare and unique  Queensland Nineteenth Century Fern Album 1883-1884

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditional knowledge of plants as technology in Bicornual baskets, Wujal Wujal mullet spear making and Kowanyama basket making  

Enjoy in-person tours of the exhibition to deepen your connection to plants.  

Join a workshop or talking event to continue the broader conversation of plants and people.  

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Thurs 4 Nov Master Distillers Experience: Entwined Edition

Fri 5 Nov  Sonic Reflections 

Wed 10 Nov Entwined: plants and people curator's tour

Sat 13 Nov Entwined closing weekend curator’s tour with special guests

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