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Dr Fred Fialho Teixeira at Purpose built
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  • Digital twins and the future of the built environment
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Digital twins and the future of the built environment

Rapid progress in digitalisation and artificial intelligence is providing numerous opportunities for human-interaction research. One example of this is the connection of the real world to the digital world using digital twins, and the new insights this offers on the built environment and the patterns of human usage and interaction with it.  

In this seminar, Dr Fred Fialho Teixeira will discuss the potential of digital twins for the future, and the findings of his most recent research creating a digital twin of the UQ St Lucia campus. As a pilot study for broader scale application of spatially enabled digital twins at the urban scale, this project demonstrates what the future of built environment management can look like. 


Dr Fred Fialho Teixeira has been working in the field of digital architecture for the last 15 years. His research focuses on spatial design through an intersection of new media and computational design strategies with a focus on biological paradigms. Presently he integrates the use of virtual reality and algorithmic design to enable a next-generation of sustainable architecture in terms of advanced manufacturing and cultural sustainability. 

Fred co-established and developed an international research program on the studies of Perception of Space in Architecture and Culture, focusing on the use of augmented reality and its cognitive spatial affects. He has been awarded Fellow at the Media Arts and Technology department, based in the California Nano Systems Institute, and his architectural practice includes being part of world leading practices such as Zaha Hadid Architects. 

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