Cut Copy: Brisbane music posters 1977-87

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If you love Brisbane's music scene, be sure to visit Cut Copy.

Step back to Brisbane in the 70s and 80s, where the city’s conservative climate sparked youth rebellion, do-it-yourself expression and underground music. In suburban halls, corner pubs and seedy clubs, Brisbane bands thrived. Made with whatever was on hand, music posters were a creative outlet for youth and a snapshot into the mood of the era. 

From The Go-Betweens to The Leftovers, Razar to The Riptides, dig deep into Brisbane’s alternative music past and the design work that took it to the streets.

What was your first Brisbane gig? Remember the music, the locations, the attitude and the style through State Library's extensive music poster and handbill collections.

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Were you there? Explore posters promoting the gigs, bands and venues of Brisbane's underground music scene 1977-1987.

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