The Corner at Home Activities: Mapping my world

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Explore the magic of The Corner at Home Activities. Make, do, move, sing, explore and, most importantly, play with us from home! 

Our rich online children's resources have been developed to help continue the learning experience while COVID-19 restrictions gradually ease.

These activities require very little resources and will spark important language development and open-ended play opportunities for your young children.

This Friday, join Deanna on an adventure and learn how to make your own maps. Follow the steps so that you can become a confident cartographer, that’s the really fancy way to describe someone who draws maps. 

Watch on the SLQSLQPlay and First5Forever Facebook pages. 

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What equipment and materials are needed?  

Use materials and objects found in your home environment:

  • plain paper or card for the base of your map 

  • old magazines or brochures that you’re happy to cut up 

  • scissors 

  • coloured pens, crayons or pencils 

  • Blu-tak or glue to stick down cut out shapes. 

  • measuring tape or ruler to record a more accurate representation (optional).