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Brisbane International Film Festival (BIFF) is back for 2020.  Across 11 days, BIFF celebrates contemporary international and Australian screen culture with new release features and documentaries, shorts films, conversations, panel discussions and more.

State Library is a proud Program Partner with events across the festival program. Check out the State Library events below and see the full program online. 



Film + Q&A: Looky Looky Here Comes Cooky *State Library screening - SOLD OUT*

10.45am | Ages 15+

Looky Looky Here Comes Cooky is a joyous and potent exploration of the Captain Cook legend and his arrival on Australian shores from a First Nation’s perspective.

Film and Panel Discussion: Brazen Hussies 

1.30pm | Ages 15+

A firebrand documentary, Brazen Hussies reveals the rousing stories of the women who changed Australia fighting for liberation and equality.



Film + Q&A: Combat Wombat *State Library screening - SOLD OUT*

10.30am | All Ages

When a reclusive wombat unintentionally becomes the city’s new superhero, she takes the opportunity to solve an old crime close to her heart.

Short Films: Off Beats

1.30pm | Ages 18+ 

Off Beats features Earl’s Town 2020 a nominee for the BIFF | Screen Queensland Short Film Award, two Australian films Mystic Pines 2019 and Cuckoo Roller 2019 alongside international shorts Enter Through the Balcony 2019 and I’m Listening 2019.



Film + Panel Discussion: White Riot

10.30am | Ages 15+

In 1970s London, the nascent punk scene is the battleground for a war against an insidious strand of racism in this layered tale of politics, zine culture and progressive youth energy.

Short Films: Wild Beats

1.30pm | Ages 18+

Wild Beats includes the BIFF | Screen Queensland Short Film Award nominee The Wrong Barber 2019 and Australian short A Problematic Gesture Toward Auteur Theory 2020 alongside international films Impermanence 2020, Heat 2019, You Disappeared Again 2019 and Day Release 2019.



Short Films: Mind Beats

12.15pm | Ages 15+

Mind Beats features BIFF | Screen Queensland Short Film Award nominee The Greatest Battle Lies Within 2020, international short One Night, Two Threads 2020 and Australian films 37 Things 2020, The Fall 2020, I want to make a film about women 2019 and White Elephant 2020. 

Short Films: Heart Beats

3.00pm | Ages 15+

Heart Beats includes the BIFF | Screen Queensland Short Film Award nominee A Man and a Cat 2020, Australian films Wirun 2020 and Hook Up 2020 alongside international shorts The Woman of the House 2019 and We Are Dancers 2019.



Short Films: Short Beats

10.30am | Ages 15+

Short Beats features The Last Day 2020, a BIFF | Screen Queensland Short Film Award nominee, as well as Australian short films The Egg 2019, Mother Bunker 2020 and Call History 2020 alongside international shorts Sororal 2019, Winter Coat 2020 and The Best Orchestra in the World 2019.

Film + Q&A: A Moment in the Sun

1.00pm | All Ages

The inspiring and fascinating story of the development of a solar-powered tandem bicycle, designed and built at the University of Queensland in the 1980s.

The Earth is Blue as an Orange

3.30pm | Ages 12+

A family uses their passion for filmmaking to escape daily life of armed conflict in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region in this touching portrait of resilience.



Short Films: Life Beats

10.30am | Ages 18+

Life Beats includes the BIFF | Screen Queensland Short Film Award nominee Speech of Foxes 2019 as well as Australian shorts Grevillea 2019, Djuwaḻpada 2019, Sunburn 2020, Lost Boy 2019 and We’re Not Here 2019 with the international film N’diajnemo 2020.

P.S. Burn This Letter Please

1.15pm | Ages 15+

The discovery of a collection of letters in an abandoned storage unit reveals the hidden history of the 1950s drag scene in New York.

Firestarter: The Story of Bangarra *State Library screening - SOLD OUT*

6.00pm | Ages 12+

A compelling and vivid celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lived experience and storytelling, Firestarter: The Story of Bangarra looks back at the last 30 years of Bangarra Dance Theatre and the role of its dynamic artistic director Stephen Page.

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