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View of the Emu Park Hotel, 1910
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  • Ask us webinar: An introduction to Queensland Government gazettes
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Ask us webinar: An introduction to Queensland Government gazettes

As the next in a series of free 30-minute webinars discover valuable information about your ancestors and the history of Queensland in this session on Queensland Government gazettes for beginners. 

Government gazettes provide a range of government information including proclamations by the Governor and official notice of actions taken by government authorities, departments, local councils and companies. 

This session will cover: 

  • where to locate various years of Queensland Government Gazettes both online to use at home and onsite at State Library

  • how to use the indexes to locate information

  • how to locate appointments of people to Queensland government positions

  • who held licenses to run hotels between 1860 to 1914, or other licenses e.g., for timber getting, businesses  

  • registers of Justices of the Peace, listings of professions e.g., doctors, dentists, nurses, architects. 

For more information on what is to be found in Queensland Government gazettes visit our law webpage and select Government gazettes. 

Places are limited, so bookings are essential.  

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    Bookings required

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