Aileen Moreton-Robinson: 20th Anniversary of Talkin’ Up to the White Woman

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This Indigenous Literacy Day, in collaboration with The Wheeler Centre and RMIT Social and Global Studies Centre, State Library is presenting the formidable Aileen Moreton-Robinson in conversation with critical race and whiteness scholar, Fiona Nicoll.

The pair will discuss the 20th anniversary of Talkin’ Up to the White Woman: What's changed in Australian and global feminist conversations since Moreton-Robinson first wrote the book? Is popular feminism’s emphasis on intersectionality a sign of progress? And where do traditions of Indigenous women’s sovereignty sit in relation to mass movements like #MeToo and Black Lives Matter?

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About Talkin’ Up to the White Woman:

It's been 20 years since Aileen Moreton-Robinson wrote Talkin’ Up to the White Woman, the seminal work of this Australian First Nations scholarship that exposed the blinding whiteness, and the serious limitations, of Australian feminist thought. 

In her book, Moreton-Robinson traces and honours the history of Indigenous women’s activism in Australia and lays bare some uncomfortable truths about white women’s complicity in racial oppression. She exposes, too, the prevalence of biased and blinkered thought prevalent within white feminist academia. Talkin’ Up to the White Woman has shaped the thinking of feminist and First Nations scholars across the globe.

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Presented in collaboration with The Wheeler Centre and RMIT Social and Global Studies Centre.

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