Frequently Asked Questions

Coronavirus updates and essential information for State Library staff

1. Is there a sector-wide direction for public service employees to return to their usual workplace or continue working from home where possible? 

  • The Queensland Government has set a direction that up to 50% of the employees who had been working remotely during the pandemic should return to the workplace.   

2. Could you provide more clarity around staggered start times? Would this still mean within core hours or outside core hours, for example starting at 10am or 11am?  

  • Staggered start and finish times need to work around operational requirements for each team. For example, if a staff member is required to work in accordance with a roster then their start time would remain unaltered.  
  • Our span of hours is 6am to 6pm. Staff are unable to access the main building at South Bank outside of those hours.  
  • People Leaders need to discuss and agree start times for their team members. 
  • Staff catching public transport are recommended to review information and advice provided on the Translink COVID-safe travel updates page.

3. How much latitude is there for working from home during the designated week? Is the expectation staff return to work a full week in the designated week, or is a combination of work from home and onsite acceptable if agreed with the relevant People Leader?

  • The directive from the Queensland Government is that we are required to have 50% of our staff back on site (see Question 1). Decisions around portfolio arrangements are determined by your Executive Director. 
  • You will need to seek advice from your People Leader for the agreed portfolio approach and what will work for your team, dependent upon operational requirements.  

4. If staff are feeling unwell and don’t come onsite per requirements, but still feel well enough to work, is it acceptable to work from home? 

  • Staff should seek medical advice if they are unwell.  
  • The ability and approval for a staff member to work from home if unwell needs to be considered on a case by case basis, and as per medical advice. For example, the ability to work from home may be possible if a staff member only has mild symptoms and appropriate work can be undertaken.  

5. If the library closes at 5pm, what time are staff onsite permitted to work until? 

  • Consistent with our working hours arrangements (6am to 6pm), staff working onsite may work until 6pm.
  • Our working hours arrangements coincide with building facilities access, which determines the time span staff can work within. 

6. How soon should I be going in to the office? For example, I’m in the Blue team and it’s a Blue week next week (27 July), so is there an expectation that I go into the building on Monday? 

  • Decisions around portfolio arrangements are determined by your Executive Director.  
  • You will need to seek advice from your People Leader for the agreed portfolio approach and what will work for your team, dependent upon operational requirements.  

7. Is there an expectation that we will come back into the office on our usual work patterns? For example, if I usually work five days in the office, is there some flexibility around that?

  • Employee safety is paramount, so return to the workplace transition plans are likely to include a combination of flexible work arrangements and employee attendance at the usual workplace. 

8. If I’m only coming in every second week, do I need to bring equipment in and out of the office? 

  • If you use a laptop, you would bring that back and forth.   
  • If you have taken home items such a chair, Varidesk, or desk, these items will need to be returned, checked off by Facilities and then remain in the workplace.
  • Please book loading dock access so you can bring bulky items through via back of house.

9. Once I’ve submitted my return to the workplace agreement, do I still need to  request approval to come onsite for ad hoc access?

  • Part of the return to workplace agreement is determining your in-office days with your People Leader.
  • If you need to come onsite outside of what was agreed, you will need approval from your Executive Director.

10. How can I arrange meetings with some people not onsite and limited meeting room space?

  • There is a limit to the number of people allowed in meeting rooms, so for the time being, the preference is for staff to remain at their desk and arrange meetings via Zoom or Teams.
  • Headphones or earbuds will be required too!

11. How do I keep the building clean? Where are cleaning products located?

  • Staff are responsible for helping maintain clean and safe spaces onsite. Refer to page 46 onwards in our COVID-Safe Site Plan for full details about our sanitising procedures.
  • All staff are responsible for cleaning their workstation (including computer, keyboard, mouse and headsets) as required. Some staff have additional responsibilities for public or shared spaces.
  • Sanitising products can be collected from lunchrooms and kitchenettes (available in the cupboards). This includes wipes and TGA-approved disinfectant spray, which can be used with paper towel.
  • Soap dispensers are available at the sinks in kitchens and bathrooms. Please wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds. Washing with soap is preferred to using sanitiser where possible. If required, sanitiser is available near the goods lift.
  • If you need to order sanitising products, please complete a stationery request form on SLiQnet to be forwarded to the Finance mailbox. For all requests other than business as usual orders, please add a note in the order to explain how the products will be used for COVID-19 cleaning.

12. How do I sign in and out once I’m onsite?

  • Download the Sine Pro app to your mobile phone. It’s easy to use and will make signing in and out of the building quick, seamless and contactless.
  • Follow these instructions to set it up on your phone.
  • Check the Sine Pro FAQs if you have any questions.


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