Constance Mabel Keys Collection

Sister Keys served in Egypt, nursing Gallipoli wounded at the 1st Australian General Hospital in Cairo. In 1918 she travelled from England to France where she served as Head Sister of a casualty clearing station. 

This digital story features her daughter, the late Margaret Thorsborne AO.

Constance Mabel Keys Collection 1914 - 1919

This extensive collection documents her five years of war service 1914-1919 and comprises photographs, correspondence, diaries and letters and souvenir objects.  It provides an intimate and vivid first-hand account of the Australian Army Nursing Service during the First World War. [Acc 30674]

Collection items

Sister Constance Keys purchased many souvenir items in the bazaars of Egypt which she sent home to her family in Queensland.

Digital story

Margaret Thorsborne AO digital story