Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family history

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander material and information accessed on this site may be culturally sensitive for some individuals and communities.

Step by step guide

Wondering how to get started with your Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander family history? The step by step guide is a good place to start with information about options and resources.


Ernest Gribble in classroom with teacher and students at Yarrabah, 1893

Finding records

What are records? Records can be created by institutions like Governments, businesses or churches. They may give you information about a person like their date of birth, their state of health or their level of education. Find out where records about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are kept and how you can access them. 


Photographs of the Grogan and Maggable families 1935-1950

Margaret Lawrie collection

Are you doing Torres Strait Islander family history? The Margaret Lawrie collection has genealogies of Torres Strait Islander peoples from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Discover a valuable tool for your Torres Strait Islander family history research.


Watercolour; Pencil drawing, 21 Sep 1971, TR 1791/253, Margaret Lawrie Collection of Torres Strait Island Material, 1964-1998

Tindale genealogical collection

Looking for information about Aboriginal family histories in Queensland? The Tindale Genealogical Collection has family trees from Aboriginal communities, mainly in the 1930s. These include Bentinck Island, Cherbourg, Doomadgee, Mona Mona, Mornington Island, Palm Island, Woorabinda and Yarrabah. 


Daisy and Cecelia at Yarrabah, ca. 1928