Queensland Literary Awards Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please contact State Library of Queensland. 
Email: qla@slq.qld.gov.au   
Web: www.slq.qld.gov.au/qla   

Postal address  

Attn: Queensland Literary Awards 

State Library of Queensland (Cannon Hill) 

996 Wynnum Road  


Courier address  

Attn: Queensland Literary Awards 

State Library of Queensland (Cannon Hill) 

996 Wynnum Road  



Entries must be marked for the attention of the Queensland Literary Awards. 

Books in the published categories must be first published and available for general sale in Australia between 1 May 2021 and 30 April 2022, inclusive.

No. This category is open to all eligible Australian authors. Authors do not need to be based in Queensland to be eligible for this award. Entries should be: a) content primarily focused on documenting important Queensland stories, history or voices and/or b) any work by a Queensland author could be deemed of state significance if it has increased the awareness and profile of Queensland writing.  

Yes. Self-published books are eligible for the Published Book Award categories as long as the book and the author meet the general eligibility criteria and the category-specific eligibility criteria. For full details, read the 2022 Guidelines for Published Book Awards.

Generally, to be eligible published books must:

  • be first published between 1 May 2021 and 30 April 2022, inclusive
  • have an ISBN
  • be published as a print book, or a digital book
  • be first published, or publicly released, in English
  • be available for general sale in Australia.

The spirit of the unpublished manuscript awards is to support emerging writers to complete and publish their first significant book.   

For the purpose of the unpublished manuscript awards, an emerging writer is defined as a writer who has not had a commercial publication of any significant written work (book, published script/play, collection of poetry or short stories) by a trade publisher or other conventional publisher. The emerging writer has also not previously self-published any full-length work with an ISBN. 

Emerging writers must not have an existing publishing contract for a full-length work or be in current contractual negotiations. 

State Library and the judging panels will make the final decision on a nomination’s eligibility. 

Authors who have previously published individual short stories, poems, articles or essays in magazines, journals, anthologies or newspapers in print or online are eligible to enter the unpublished manuscript awards. 

Authors who have published or self-published a full-length work are not considered emerging writers for these awards.

Yes. You must meet the author requirements for both of these award categories. Refer to the 2022 Guidelines for Development Awards for specific eligibility information.   

No. Judges do not provide feedback on individual nominations.

We suggest you contact the writers centre in your state for information, advice and support. 

Get in touch with Queensland Writers Centre via admin@qldwriters.org.au

For Published Book Award categories, fees are $50 (inc. GST) per entry. 

Early bird prices: all nominations received in March are $40 (inc. GST) per entry. 

Some authors might be eligible for fee-free nominations (see FAQ below).

All Development Award entries are free.

Yes. Please contact State Library of Queensland at qla@slq.qld.gov.au to arrange alternative payment options. 

A fee exemption is available for one nomination only, if the author of the nominated work holds one of the following valid Australian concession cards: 

Seniors Cards are no longer eligible for a concession entry. 

Photocopied proof of the author’s status as a current card holder must be submitted with the copies of the nominated books or the nomination will not be eligible for judging. 

If a concession applies to your entry, use the Published Book Award – concession online nomination form. 

Yes. You can nominate the same book in different categories as long as the book and the author meet the general eligibility criteria and the category-specific eligibility criteria for each category. 

 For the 'published book awards – fee paying' and 'published book awards – concession' nomination forms: 

  • You will need to complete a separate nomination for each category you wish to enter. You may submit up to 10 nominations on each online form.  

  • You will need to supply five copies of the nominated book for each category and pay the nomination fee for each category. Please note that if an author is eligible for a concession entry, only one (1) entry is fee-exempt and the rest are fee-paying. 

  • For electronic nominations, send only one USB containing the three separate file versions of the book’s digital file (.ePub, .mobi and PDF formats). 

If you are a publisher nominating a number of books for the awards, you have the option to include up to 10 titles per online form and pay all the nomination fees by credit card in one lump sum.

Please contact State Library of Queensland on qla@slq.qld.gov.au to arrange alternative payment options. 

If you are nominating your own book, list yourself as the nominator and author.

The nominator can also be a publisher, agent or interested third party. In this case, please put your own contact details (not the author's). Nominators must seek permission from the author before nominating their book. 

All further information and correspondence about the nomination will be with the nominator.

Currently we are not accepting hand deliveries. 

No. All authors, co-authors, co-creators and illustrators must be: 

  • citizens or permanent residents of Australia  

  • at least 18 years of age, or provide written consent from a parent or guardian to nominate 

  • living at the date of nomination. 

No. Books and manuscripts submitted as part of your nomination will not be returned.

The copies supplied with the nomination are distributed to the category judges for assessing the nomination, and one copy is kept by State Library of Queensland for a record of the nominations. 

At the end of the awards cycle, State Library may use selected books to build collections. Any remaining books are donated to charity. 

Shortlisted books and finalists 

Shortlists will be announced in August 2022. All nominators will be notified by email prior to the shortlist being announced.  

Queensland Writers Fellowships do not have a shortlist, just three winners announced in September. 


The winners in all categories will be announced at the awards ceremony in September.