This is a space where you can relax, use the Internet and socialise.

The Infozone is located on level 1.  You will find computers and printing facilities here as well as free wi-fi and mobile phone charging stations. The Infozone is the gateway to the Carers' Room, The Corner, The Parlour and kuril dhagun.

Visitors to Infozone can access one of up to 22 computers, and each computer allows up to 60 minutes of use. You do not need to be a member to use these computers.

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kuril dhagun

kuril dhagun is a welcoming and respectful place designated for First Nations communities to meet, gather and celebrate culture by sharing First Nations knowledge and stories. kuril dhagun provides access to First Nations clients who seek to engage with State Library services, resources and collections. It is also a culturally appropriate venue for First Nations community members, community groups and organisations to host their cultural events, meetings and other activities.

The Edge

The Edge is State Library's space for creativity, ideas and experimentation. 

The Corner

Join us for our early literacy focused sessions for children 0–5.