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Transfer your Edge booking account

Since last year, State Library has been using a new booking system for bookable resources at The Edge. As of 1 May 2020, you will no longer be able to transfer any existing Edge account.

Do I need to transfer my account?
If you’ve completed any of the Fabrication Lab’s equipment inductions prior to 10 May 2019 you will need to get your information transferred to the new booking system.
What do I need to do before transferring?
We will need the following information to transfer your account:
  • Your full name and email address
  • You will also need a State Library of Queensland member and provide us with your username. If you do not have an account you can become a member
  • You will need to let us know which inductions you have completed
If you do not have this information, we will most likely not be able to transfer your account.
I’ve got all my information; how do I transfer my account?
Please email or call (07) 3842 9202 and provide the information above.
What happens if I don’t transfer my account?
After 1 May, 2020 you will no longer be able to book any of the Fabrication Lab equipment and the library will no longer have a record of your completed induction(s).
I missed the deadline, what can I do to access the Fabrication Lab equipment?
You will need to book into our public inductions in order to get access again as we may no longer have access to your records.
What about the recording studio?
We will need to find a record of your induction completion. A booking confirmation will suffice.