Fabrication Lab

The Edge Fabrication Lab is a creative space with the resources to bring your creative vision to life. It is a community makerspace with equipment and tools available to anyone with a creative idea; laser cutters, soldering stations, 3D printers, sewing machines, a CNC Router and more. You just have to be over 16, wear covered footwear and have completed the relevant safety induction.


COVID-19 update

From 28 October, we are reopening the Fabrication Lab for pre-booked Open Lab sessions on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12noon–6pm. You can also book to join us for Hack the Evening on Thursdays from 29 October. General lab inductions and workshops are also back, check out Whats on for details.

Please read the FAQs for more information, and check the conditions of entry before booking your visit.


Equipment to book and use for free

Member working at a bench


Book some bench space in the Clean Lab for your project. This is essential for entry to the space.

Prusa i3 3D Printer


Book and use a 3D printer for free once you've successfully completed the Fabrication Lab General Induction and a 3D Printer Induction.

The Edge's bookable 3D printers are Prusa i3 MK3.

Multicam CNC Router

CNC Router

Coming soon

Book and use the CNC Router for free once you've successfully completed the Fabrication Lab General Induction and a CNC Router Induction.

The Edge's bookable CNC Router is a Multicam 2412. 

We have a range of CNC materials for sale in the Fabrication Lab Shop. 


Never used the tools in the Fabrication Lab before? That's okay. The Applied Creativity team at State Library run a weekly General Induction for the Fabrication Lab and monthly Equipment Inductions for each of the bookable resources in the Lab. These inductions provide you with all the skills and knowledge to safely and efficiently use the tools. 

More equipment to book and use for free

Electronics Bench


Book and use the electronics bench for free once you've successfully completed the Fabrication Lab General Induction and an Electronics Bench Induction. 

The Fabrication Lab Electronics Benches are a resource with a range of tools and diagnostic equipment for electronic prototyping. Tool including soldering and hot-air reflow stations, bench power supply and multimeters, analogue signal generator, oscilloscope and other assorted tools. 


Sewing Machine Inductions


Book and use a sewing machine for free once you've successfully completed the Fabrication Lab General Induction and a Sewing Induction.

The Edge has a fleet of the rock solid and reliable classic Bernina 700 Record series Sewing Machines and a 700D Overlocker.




Book and use the vinyl cutter for free once you've successfully completed a General Induction.

The Edge's bookable Vinyl Cutter is ROLAND CAMM-1 GS 24.  

We have a range of vinyl for sale in the Fabrication Lab Shop. 





Connect with other makers and creatives at Hack the Evening

State Library invites all creatives and makers  interested in experimenting, exploring ideas, creativity and collaboration to connect with like-minded peers to participate in regular community projects, events and regular meetups including Hack the Evening, the weekly social meetup in our Fabrication Lab . 

Check out the cool things people have made in the Fabrication Lab

The community makes amazing things and here are some of those people.

Other equipment you can use for free in the Fabrication Lab

Laser Cutter

Book and use the laser cutter for free once you've successfully completed the Fabrication Lab General Induction and a Laser Induction.

The Edge's bookable Laser Cutter/ Engraver is a Trotec Rayjet 300

We have a range of laser materials for sale in the Fabrication Lab Shop. 

Laptop for use in the Fabrication Lab


Don't have a computer to layout your laser job? Need to design a model for the 3D printers? No worries. The Edge Fabrication Lab has a fleet of laptops for use in the Fabrication Lab. The current specifications are HP Probook 645 G4 running Windows 10 Pro, and are installed with Corel Draw 2017, Vcarve (makerspace client edition), Fusion360, Gimp, Inkscape, Meshmixer and Prusaslicer. 

Hand tools and Finishing

Hand tools, finishing tools and much more

Coming soon

The Edge Fabrication Lab also has a range of hand tools, finishing tools and specialist equipment you might expect in a community makerspace. Tools like vice, hammer, drills, clamps, spanners, screwdrivers, a hand saw or chisels. Some people don't have the money, the space or don't want the clutter; that's what the Fabrication Lab is for.  There is also specialist equipment for casting, vacuuming forming and bending plastics available; some and speak to the team accessing using these.


Materials in the Fabrication Lab

The Fabrication Lab Shop stocks a range of well priced materials for you to use on the machines. Plastics for the 3D printers, acrylic and speciality plywood for the laser cutter, full and half size sheets of plywood for the CNC. All materials have sourced and tested  specifically for use in the Fabrication Lab so that you know you are going to get the best results.

If you want to experiment or use other materials you need to check with staff prior to your booking. 

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