Digital Media Lab

The Digital Media Lab at The Edge provides public access to a suite of workstations with a range of professional and free and open source software (FOSS) for graphic design, audio and video editing, web and app development, game design, animation and programming.

There are now 3 different kinds of computer in the Digital Media Lab suitable for a wide range of tasks and work.

Opening hours:

Following the release of the Queensland Government’s Roadmap to easing Queensland’s restrictions, State Library has partially re-opened to the public.  We are working towards reopening spaces at The Edge.  Please check the opening hours and read the conditions of entry.


Equipment to book and use for free

HP EliteDesk 800 in the DML

Coming Soon

The Digital Media Lab has been upgraded with 16 new HP ELITEDESK 800 PCs. These workstations have a range of professional and free and open source software (FOSS) for graphic design, audio and video editing, animation and more.

Bookings not required.



DML iMac Workstation

Coming Soon

The Edge’s updated Apple Workstation is a 27INCH 3.7GHZ 4 CORE IMAC. This specialist computer to provide users with continued access to the Mac-only capabilities that were available in the previous iterations of the Digital Media Lab.

Applications available on this Apple Workstation include: 

  • Logic Pro X
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Motion 5
  • Compress 5
  • Mainstage 5

Members seeking to use the specialist Apple Workstation need to register and book.

Production Workstation - HP Z8 EliteDesk

Coming Soon

The new Production Workstation in The Edge Digital Media Lab at State Library is a HP Z8 G4 WORKSTATION. This high-end platform suitable for heavy duty rendering and GPU intensive work. The Production Workstation can be used for:

  • 8K Video editing

  • VR authoring

  • Data Visualisations

  • Deep (machine) Learning

Members seeking to use the specialist Production PC Workstation need to register and book.

Never used the used the software?

Never used edited a video, built a website or used digital recording software before? That's okay. The Applied Creativity team at State Library regularly offers skills development opportunities for the resources available in the Recording studio, Digital Media and Fabrication Lab. 

Tools for creative practice and enterprise


State Library members have free access to, both onsite at the State Library or offsite from your home, office or mobile device.

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