Computers and internet

State Library offers free public access computing as well as internet access and a Wi-Fi service across the South Bank building. 

Public computers and internet 

On level 1

  • 40 minutes sessions 
  • no membership required
  • access to the internet, catalogues and databases, and to Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

On levels 2, 3 and 4

  • sessions up to 3 hours a day
  • log in with your membership username and password
  • access to the internet, catalogues and databases, and to Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

State Library offers a range of adaptive technology devices to enable people with a disability to use the collections and resources. Find out more here.


Digital Media Lab

The Edge offers creative and industry standard software for design, 3D modelling, web and app development and image, audio and video editing, as well as access to a range of audio and design equipment. Check the full list here.

The Edge can provide you access to equipment, including midi keyboards, Wacom design tablets, headphones and much more to assist in the development of your project.

The DML is monitored by The Edge staff. Use outside of the intended purpose, or in breach of State Library policies is prohibited. 

Check the opening time here.

Wi-Fi service

To connect to the Library Wi-Fi, click on slqwireless on your device.

  • no password required
  • no time limit
  • available 24/7
  • available on all levels, included Knowledge Walk and Library Cafe

Library staff cannot provide support to configure your equipment for Wi-Fi access.
The SL Wi-Fi network is not as secure as SL's wired network.
Security and privacy of information is the responsibility of the laptop/notebook owner.

SL does not accept responsibility for any loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, service interruptions, technical difficulties or transmission of viruses.

Learn about printing at the State Library.

The Public Access ICT Services Policy provides more information on the responsible use of technology services at State Library.