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Explore the range of spaces that you can book at State library.


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Study room

Rooms are available for a maximum of three (3) hours.

Only one booking per person/group/organisation is permitted per day.

If you are more than 15 minutes late for your booking, others may use the room until you arrive.

Please note that study rooms are not soundproof.

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Window Bay The Edge

Window bay

Window bays at The Edge, are bookable spaces where you can meet, discuss, study, plan or present – an ideal space for freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners to work remotely, collaborate with colleagues or schedule meetings. 

Bays 5 and 6 have projectors and speakers (speakers can be provided, depending on availability) for sharing audio and visual content, just BYO laptop. There is free wi-fi throughout the building and ethernet cables are available from reception if required.

Window bay bookings are available up to two weeks in advance, for two hour blocks. If you’re looking to book further in advance for an event, please see the Venue Hire section.

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Piano room

The piano practice room is available on level 3.

Bookings can be made for one hour per day and up to one week in advance.

If you want to make bookings on more than one day, you will need to login again to submit the booking time for each day. If you are more than 15 minutes late, others may use the room until you arrive.

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Book equipment and tools


Macs in the Digital Media Lab

The Edge’s Digital Media Lab is a space in which people of all skill levels can access high-spec iMacs for their creative projects and, best of all, it’s free!

Offering 16 individually bookable iMacs, The Edge offers creative and industry standard software for design, 3D modelling, web and app development and image, audio and video editing, as well as access to a range of audio and design equipment.

The Edge can provide you access to equipment, including midi keyboards, Wacom design tablets, headphones and much more to assist in the development of your project.

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Recording studio

Book and use the Recording Studio for free, once you’ve successfully completed your induction.

The Edge’s Recording Studio provides access to near-professional equipment and specialist software for recording, mixing, editing and mastering. Recording studio hire is free; however you first must complete a Recording Studio induction, which runs approximately once every three weeks.

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Fabrication lab

Edge’s Fabrication Lab is an open access community makerspace with equipment and tools available to anyone with a creative idea. If you have a hobby, project, assignment or an idea for a business that requires specialist tools like a laser cutter, soldering station, 3D printer, sewing machine or CNC Routers, The Edge’s Fabrication Lab can help. 

To book and use a Fabrication Lab resource, you’ll first need to complete a safety induction on the piece of equipment you would like to use. Inductions cost $25-$50 per person and generally run monthly or bi-monthly. Become a member.

Venue Hire

The Knowledge Walk set for an evening banquet

Host your event at State Library

Set in the cultural heart of Brisbane in South Bank with breathtaking views of the city skyline and river, State Library offers a uniquely Queensland atmosphere that seamlessly brings the outdoors in. Our award-winning building houses a rich history that has inspired the lives of Queenslanders for close to 120 years.