Next Library Satellite 2021

9—12 October 2021
State Library of Queensland

Next Library Satellite 2021: Bold and Curious

Co-create new library futures at Next Library Satellite 2021

Next Library, an international gathering of forward-thinking library professionals, innovators and decision-makers is making its Australian debut at State Library of Queensland.

We invite you to Next Library Satellite 2021 in Brisbane, Australia,  to collaborate and share new knowledge with an innovative and creative public library network. Queensland’s public libraries are renowned for their daring approach to the technological, social and climate challenges of our unique region.

Next Library Satellite 2021 will be an exciting place to share ideas and co-create new library futures. It will change the way you think about the role of libraries.

Next Library Satellite 2021 is organised by State Library of Queensland in collaboration with Aarhus Public Libraries


Get ready to be bold and curious at Next Library Satellite 2021! Cast aside tired stereotypes about drop bears, poisonous snakes and oversized spiders and discover a uniquely Australian flavour of Next Library that will challenge your ideas and ignite your passion for all things library.

Looking from the present to be inspired by the deep past and imagine the future, Next Library Satellite 2021 will be informed by the distinct technological, social and climate challenges and opportunities facing libraries throughout the globe.

Next Library Satellite 2021 will encourage contributors to be bold in their presentation topics and formats.

Under the theme of Bold and Curious, the provocations for Next Library Satellite 2021 are:

How might libraries encourage risk, experimentation and play amongst their visitors and staff?

 Are you brave enough to shine a light on your greatest failure? Tell us about a time you’ve tried something new and lived to tell the tale.

Topics may include

  • creating opportunities for experimentation
  • growing from failure
  • working with uncertain futures
  • building resilience

What are the difficult discussions that libraries must have?

How might we talk about these topics honestly and respectfully, with a view to developing new pathways forward in challenging times?

Topics may include

  • activism and hacktivism
  • the ethics and values of libraries
  • human rights
  • responding to conflict

How might libraries facilitate connections across divides—physical, social, cultural or technological?  

How might we co-create opportunities for exchange with our vibrant and diverse communities? What opportunities can we create to listen to and learn from perspectives that we are not familiar with?

Topics may include

  • collaboration between libraries—internationally, nationally or locally
  • creating safe and inclusive spaces
  • the cost of exclusion
  • intercultural collaboration
  • developing services by/with/for diverse communities including, but not limited to:
    • First Nations peoples
    • ageing populations
    • LGBTQI+ communities
    • migrant and displaced peoples; and
    • people with disabilities
    • youth and young people

How might libraries turn the challenges of rapid and dramatic transformation into opportunities for new services, policies and ideas?  

How might we respond when we find ourselves on the precipice of change in our culture or in our climate?  

Topics may include

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