How to guides

These how to guides can help you preserve and care for your collections at home or work. 

Looking after your collections

These information guides offer advice on preserving and storing your precious items:

  • paper-based items
  • books and bound material
  • parchment
  • photographs
  • digital prints
  • magnetic media
  • motion picture film
  • preservation planning for large collections
  • children's artwork collections.

Photographer unknown
Interior view of Ashley, a residence at Indooroopilly
John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland
Negative number: 73864

Photographer: Grant Collins
State Library of Queensland Reformatting team staff member digitising items with the Kirtas bookscaner
State Library of Queensland

Digital Preservation

Learn how to preserve your digital photographs, emails, recordings, and documents.

Disaster recovery

These guides outline steps to salvage water-damaged paper, book, photographic, and audiovisual collections.

Photographer: Troy Hansen
John Bellas carrying a pile of ruined books in his flooded home at Fairfield, 2011
John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland
Image number: 27804-0001-0013

Photographer unknown
Rat dogs pictured with their handlers, ca. 1905
Negative number: 33420

Preventive Conservation

These guides assist with planning for preservation before disaster strikes.