Depositing e-books

The Deposit wizard allows you to deposit digital resources to the State Library of Queensland, using a pre-defined set of steps that will guide you through the submission process.

It can be used for submitting single books, reports or other monographic resources

To deposit single issues of serial publications such as magazines, newsletters, etc., please select the Legal Deposit - Serials option.

To deposit ongoing issues of a serial please select the simplified Ongoing Deposit option.

The wizard consists of the following steps

Step 1: Introduction

This step provides information on the type and format of resources that can be submitted using the e-books wizard, as well as general guidelines on completing each form.

Step 2: Descriptive Information

  1. Fill in the descriptive information for a resource, using the pre-defined fields. Information on what is required in each field is outlined.
  2. Please supply as much detail as possible as this will assist the State Library in providing a full description of the resource to our clients.
  3. An asterisk * indicates required fields that must be completed before moving to the next step.
  4. Providing your name and contact details allows us to contact you for further information, etc. This information will not be made public.
  5. In some cases, you may be asked to designate your choice for allocation of copyright, a Creative Commons licence or access rights. Information on Access Rights is outlined on this page. More information on these choices is available from the each deposit wizard's home page.
  6. Click Next to continue to step 3.

Step 3: Copyright

  1. You are required to agree to a copyright statement before submitting any material.  The statement is shown on this page.
  2. Read the copyright notice carefully.
  3. Select the check box to agree to the copyright terms.
  4. Click Next to continue to step 4.
  5. Click Cancel if you do not agree to the terms.

Step 4: Upload File/s

The e-serials wizard can accept single pdf files only.

To upload files:

  1. Click the Browse tab to open up the drives available for browsing on your local PC.
  2. Find the appropriate directory containing the file you would like to upload.
  3. Click on the file you would like to upload.
  4. Click Open in the dialog box in order to send the relevant PC path location of the desired file to the wizard.
  5. The Label and Notes fields are optional.
  6. Click Next to upload the chosen file and to continue to step 5.

Step 5: Review and Confirmation

This is the final step of the deposit wizard workflow, where you have the opportunity to review the information that you have entered at each step, including previewing the uploaded objects.

From here, you can:

  • View the details of the deposit.
  • View uploaded files by clicking on the relevant file link at the bottom of the page.
  • Click Submit to submit the deposit to the State Library of Queensland.
  • Edit details of the entire deposit by returning to the relevant step and changing the relevant data. 
  • Delete uploaded files from a deposit by returning to Step 4 - Upload File/s and clicking the button near the relevant file name, or uploading another file.
  • Change uploaded files by returning to Step 4 - Upload File/s and uploading another file instead of the existing one.
  • Click Cancel to exit the entire wizard without saving any data.

Descriptive Information

The descriptive information relates to the single issue being deposited.


  • Full title of the book or report as it appears on the cover
  • Mandatory field

Year of publication

  • Enter the year this issue was published.
  • Mandatory field

Place of publication

  • Enter the city town or suburb where this resource was published.
  • Mandatory field


  • Enter the name of the person or organisation responsible for publishing this resource.
  • Mandatory field

Organisation name & Author

Only one of these fields needs to be completed, depending on who created the publication. If it is published by or on behalf of an agency, department association or other organisation, complete the Organisation name field. If it has been published by an individual, complete the Author field

Organisation name

  • Enter the name of the agency, department, association, etc. who created this publication


  • Enter the name of the person/s who created this publication


  • Enter a brief summary or description of this publication. This assists our clients in locating your publication.
  • Mandatory field

Key words

  • Enter any words that you think may help to describe this publication.

Web address (URL)

  • If this publication is available online, please enter the web address (URL)

Your name

  • Enter your name as the depositor of this publication for contact purposes only. This information is not displayed to the public.

Your email

  • Enter your email address for contact purposes only. This information is not displayed to the public.

Your contact details (phone, address)

  • Enter your phone number, address or other details for contact purposes only.

Access Rights

This field is required for all new publications.

Open access

  • The default option for access rights is Open Access as the State Library is committed to providing the widest possible access to electronic legal deposit publications through unrestricted online access via ‘One Search’.

Restricted access (Onsite at SLQ only)

  • If you believe your publication should not be made available online to the general public without restriction, select this option. State Library will restrict online use to within State Library’s building, thereby providing the same level of access as a print publication.

Copyright Statement

By submitting the deposited item to the State Library of Queensland you warrant that:

The information you provided above is full and correct and that you are either the copyright holder of the deposited item or you are authorised by the copyright holder to submit the item to the State Library of Queensland. Additionally, you certify that the deposited Material does not violate any copyright law.

The State Library of Queensland reserves the right to take the necessary preservation actions to keep the deposited item accessible, including but not limited to conversion of the deposited material to other formats and making copies of the deposited material.

How do I know which step I am on?

  • A bold highlighted number on the top right-hand side indicates the current step in the process.

Can I move between steps?

  • You can navigate within the steps using the Back and Next buttons in the right-hand bottom navigation bar.

Can I deposit more than one file at a time?

  • No. Files must be submitted one at a time.

What if I want to stop creating the deposit?

  • Clicking Cancel at any point in the 5-step wizard submission process will exit you from the wizard and all information related to the deposit will be erased.

Will I be notified that my deposit has been successful?

  • You will receive an on-screen message indicating that your deposit has been successful You will not receive any further notification unless State Library needs to contact you. Your resource will not appear in the State Library of Queensland's catalogue until staff have verified the deposit and the accompanying description for addition to our collection.

What if I need more help?

  • A 'tooltip' will appear when the mouse is held over the displayed field text box when adding text.
  • Help is available within the wizard by clicking on the question icon or the Help link near the top of the screen
  • For more information about Legal Deposit in Queensland please contact the Legal Deposit Coordinator on:  3840 7852.
  • To discuss alternative e-deposit options or technical issues associated with the deposit of electronic publications please contact Description Services staff on:  3840 7842.
  • Email:
  • Download Depositing e-books (PDF 43.9 KB)