For publishers and authors

All Queensland publishers, including government departments, commercial organisations, clubs, churches, societies and private individuals, are required by law to deposit one copy of their publications with State Library of Queensland. The requirement is legislated in part 8 of the Libraries Act 1988 (Qld)


  • Preservation of publications
    Legal deposit, which applies to all Australian state and territory libraries and to the National Library of Australia, ensures that works published in each of these jurisdictions will survive for the use of future generations.

    State Library of Queensland provides environmental conditions specifically designed to ensure the long-term preservation of its physical collections.
  • Assisting research
    Our comprehensive collection of Queensland publications reflects the diversity of the Queensland experience, providing for research relating to Queensland’s history and culture and to its scientific, commercial and technical development.
  • All published items: books, serial publications (such as newsletters, annual reports, newspapers, magazines and journals), sheet music, maps, plans and charts; non-print materials such as: disks, videorecordings, films and audio tapes; electronic publications.
  • Material is considered to have been published if reproductions of the material or edition have been supplied (whether by sale or otherwise) to the general public via a commercial distributor.
  • Self published works are subject to legal deposit in instances where the commercial distributor or agent responsible for making the publication available to the general public is located in Queensland.
  • Self published books which have not been made available to the general public through a commercial distributor or agent are not subject to legal deposit (regardless of the author’s place of residence).
  • Where the distributor or agent responsible for having made a self published work available to the general public is located outside Queensland, no legal deposit obligation exists with State Library of Queensland.
  • Print or hard copy editions: If you publish material in various forms of differing quality, a copy of the finest quality should be deposited. For example, if both a hard-cover edition and a paperback edition are published, one copy of the hard-cover edition should be deposited.
  • For legal deposit purposes, a copy that is numbered and signed by the author is not considered to be finer than another copy of the same edition that is not numbered or signed.
  • Electronic (e-) publications: if a publication is produced in both electronic and print formats the electronic version should be deposited, providing it is in either a PDF or Word (.doc) format. Otherwise the print copy is acceptable for deposit purposes.
  • Only one copy of a publication (print or electronic, whichever is applicable) should be deposited.
  • A copy of a second or later edition of any published item does not have to be deposited unless it contains substantial additions or alterations. Reprints to correct errors in previous print runs should not be deposited.
  • If a second or later edition does contain substantial additions or alterations then the finest copy of that edition should be deposited.  If a book is reprinted with a change of title, or by a different publisher, it is considered to be altered and should be deposited.

One copy is to be provided within one month of publication.

Post to:

Legal Deposit
Metadata Services, Level 4
State Library of Queensland
PO Box 3488
South Brisbane  QLD  4101

or deliver in person to:

Infozone Information desk, Level 1,  or John Oxley Library Information Desk, Level 4.

A further legal deposit obligation may exist with the Parliamentary Library (Qld) and/or with the National Library of Australia. Enquiries can be directed to:

Parliamentary Librarian
Parliamentary Library
Parliament House
George Street
Brisbane  QLD  4000
t: 07 3553 6222
f: 07 3553 6201

Under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cwlth), a copy of any work published in Australia may be required for deposit with the National Library of Australia in Canberra.

Legal Deposit Unit
National Library of Australia
Canberra  ACT  2600
p: 02 6262 1312
f: 02 6273 4492

Legal deposit FAQs from the National Library of Australia

Legal deposit legislation also applies to electronic publications and recordings. The State Library is able to save and preserve electronic publications in the Library's digital repository.

One of the options available to people depositing e-publications is a deposit wizard.

See the Depositing Electronic Publications tab on this page to find out how to deposit online using our deposit wizard

Contact us if you would like to discuss alternative deposit options for electronic publications.

Deposited items which do not meet the above requirements for legal deposit will be considered as donations.

Donations are assessed on the basis of their relevance to Queensland’s history, culture or development or their status as works of Queensland literature.

Queensland literature is defined as imaginative writing by Queensland authors and imaginative writing which is either about Queensland or set in Queensland. Works in this category are only subject to legal deposit if they have been published in Queensland.

Legal deposit     

If you publish in Queensland, then legal deposit applies to you.  This means that you are required by law to deposit a copy of your publication with State Library of Queensland.

If you live in Queensland and have published in another state, overseas or with online publishers based outside Queensland, then the legal deposit obligation does not apply to your publication.
A publisher can be an individual, club, church, incorporated society or organisation as well as a commercial publisher.

Electronic publications and recordings are included in legal deposit. Use the Legal Deposit tab on this page to find out more.

Legal deposit wizard   

The deposit wizard is a facility which enables Queensland publishers to deposit digital content with State Library of Queensland.  E-legal deposits contribute substantially to State Library’s efforts to collect and preserve Queensland’s digital heritage.

Deposit your digital files to State Library of Queensland

The Wizard is easy to use. No registrations or logins are required. The step by step process enables publishers to deposit:

  • new e-serial titles, such as newsletters, magazines and journals
  • ongoing serial issues (using a simplified form)
  • e-books, reports and other one-off publications.

Access the web deposit tool

Get help using the web deposit tool

Help is provided within the wizard at each step. Before using the wizard for the first time, you may also wish to read the following guides:

Deposit returns

It is State Library standard practice not to return items deposited via the web. We recommend you do not delete items from your own system until you receive confirmation from us that your material has been accepted into the State Library's collections.

Alternatives to the web deposit tool

The tool accepts files of all sizes, but please keep in mind that, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, files over 10MB may take a long time to upload. If the file size exceeds 25MB one of the alternative options below is definitely recommended.

If you wish to upload a number of files (e.g.multiple serial issues) or the size of the file for an e-book, report or other one-off publication is too large for the web deposit tool, the following options are available:

For all of the above options, the completed eBook submission form  (DOC 165.5 KB) must be included to supply the required descriptive information as well as the access information for the relevant file sharing service.

Please contact us to discuss alternative options.


Novelist Rosa Praed  (1851 -1935). Neg. no. 177519.  John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

The John Oxley Library is interested in collecting, as comprehensively as possible, the published works of Queenland authors in the area of imaginative literature.

A Queensland author in this category is defined as someone who was born in Queensland or someone who has lived in this state for more than five years. The definition includes writers who have written under a nom de plume and self-published authors who have made their work available to the wider public via a commercial distributor.

Imaginative writing relates to both in and out-of-print works and includes:

  • novels
  • short stories
  • literary anthologies
  • poetry
  • stage and screen plays
  • song lyrics.

We also collect:

  • biographical and autobiographical works which relate to Queensland authors
  • adaptations authored by Queensland writers
  • critical works which assess the writing of Queensland authors
  • compilations which include contributions by Queensland authors
  • works edited by Queensland authors
  • imaginative works about or set in Queensland (depicting uniquely Queensland circumstances or centrally located in Queensland).

Browse works related to Queensland authors.


Image: Dean Saffron 2017 Queensland State Election photographs
Political parties handing out how-to-vote cards at Sunshine Beach State School polling station, Sunshine Beach, Queensland, 25 November, 2017

State Library of Queensland is an active participant in PANDORA - Preserving and Accessing Networked Documentary Resources of Australia – the national archive of Australian online publications and websites. In 2004, PANDORA was placed on the Memory of the World Australian Register.

Our involvement

Since 2002 State Library of Queensland has:-  

  • ensured that  Queensland websites are preserved for future generations
  • provided selection guidelines emphasising Queensland content and web material published and created in Queensland.

Suggest a site

PANDORA contains a wide range of selected online resources.  They include publications by government agencies, academic institutions and other publishers; websites by numerous organisations and community groups; and others covering various subject areas, interests and activities.  

Also included are political issues and election campaigns, festivals and events, and blogs. Recent collecting initiatives include 2017 Queensland State Election Campaign and the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

New resources are added to PANDORA selectively, with an emphasis on collecting and preserving online content considered authoritative, significant and as having long-term research value. Your suggestions are important. Please consult:

Accessing PANDORA

The PANDORA Archive is hosted by the National Library of Australia (NLA).  Access is available directly through the PANDORA homepage or browse SLQ's PANDORA content in One Search.