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We invite you to share your experiences of historic and iconic events in Queensland. Whether it’s your story, your family’s or some research you’ve uncovered, bring your Queensland story to life on Historypin.

Historypin is an online platform that connects communities with local history. Individuals, groups and institutions around the world share stories of the places that matter to them, using photographs, documents, sound and video to start conversations and trigger memories. We invite you to explore and contribute your own story to State Library of Queensland’s Historypin collections.

Adding content to Historypin:

  1. To add your own content, you’ll first need to join Historypin by creating an account. You can do this using your Facebook, Twitter, Google account, or your email address.
  2. Once you’ve created your Historypin account, you can add your content (photos, video or audio) by visiting the collections listed below and selecting Add a Pin.
  3. Upload your photo, video, audio, or text, and follow the prompts, including a Title for your image, a short description, licensing details, date and location. Click Save when you are done and email us at to let us know!

Get storytelling:
Choose one of the assignments below to tell your Queensland story. These assignments are best viewed from a desktop computer or laptop rather than a mobile device.

Katharine Hepburn and Robert Helpmann arrive in Brisbane May 1955

Stars of the screen and stage, royals, politicians... this collection shows some of the well known people to visit the Sunshine State. Do you have any old pics tucked away of your brush with fame? We invite you to pin photos or video of your experience and share your Queensland story.

Get Started: Explore the Famous visitors to Queensland collection via the map. Click on add a pin and contribute your own story.
Ideas for stories: Movie stars you met on a Gold Coast film set, the famous singer your Grandma met as a teenager, 'before they were famous', the photos from your meet and greet.​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Difficulty: Beginner

Anzac Day 2018 Formation Flight

How do you commemorate Anzac Day?

Join us in recording how Queenslanders commemorate Anzac Day today.  Pin photos, video or audio of your own and your community’s commemoration activities.

Get Started: Explore the Anzac Day today collection via the map. Click on the image and contribute your own story.
Ideas for stories: My Anzac Day memories, the Dawn Service, my family members who served in WW1, the history of Anzac Day commemorations in my area of Queensland.​​​​​​​
Difficulty: Beginner

The Q ANZAC 100: Memories for a New Generation Historypin hub is a place where people can share their unique and diverse stories about the Queensland experience of the First World War. Communities discovering and contributing local stories and personal histories of those who served and those who stayed behind – along with creative responses on how the centenary is commemorated – will build a legacy for future generations.

Saturday workers in the Red Cross Kitchen Brisbane ca 1918

This collection gives you the chance to share stories about women during the war years. We invite you to pin content that honours the memory of the contribution made by Queensland women.

Get Started: Scroll through the Her noble share collection and see how others are telling these significant stories.
Ideas for stories: My relative was a nurse on the front, a fundraiser at home, a wife or mother left behind, or a pacifist who opposed the war, and here is her story.
Difficulty: Beginner

United Nations flags at Make War a Distant Memory

As we commemorate the centenary of the First World War, we invite you to add your voice to the discussions around war and peace. Add your own hopes for a peaceful world by adding a photo, video or audio clip that represents your personal, social and political vision for peace.

Get Started: Scroll through the Visions for Peace collection and get inspired to share your ideas of peace.
Ideas for stories: How do you see peace represented in your community? Peaceful demonstrations, placards and banners; peace flags and symbols; poetry, song or stories – this collection brings together the thoughts and gestures of contemporary Queenslanders in peacetime, against the backdrop of growing global political conflict.​​​​​​​
Difficulty: Beginner

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