Salvaging damaged collections

Queensland is prone to humid and stormy weather.  Cyclones and floods are becoming increasingly common in the summer months.  Have your precious items suffered damage in a flood or a storm?  Have your treasures been attacked by mould or pests?

Help is at hand!  Our conservation experts have gathered together the most effective methods to ensure the long-term preservation of your precious family objects: books, diaries, pictures, and photographs.

Dealing with disaster

Part one: how to recover a flood-damaged collection

Catch your breath and make a plan to salvage your collection in the event of disaster—ensuring personal safety, gathering supplies, setting up a salvage station, and safely removing items from a disaster site.

Part two: how to salvage your water damaged collection

Take the first steps to salvage water damaged collections — washing off mud and other contaminants, drying, and freezing wet collections with a focus on paper based collections.