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Griffith University Young Adult Book Award

2022 Shortlist 

Congratulations to the finalists!


Cover of Girls in Boys' Cars by Felicity Castagna. It's an illustration of a girl with sunglasses in the driver's seat pouting into the side mirror.

Girls in Boys' Cars by Felicity Castagna (Pan Macmillan)

Judges' comments 

In the ultimate act of rebellion, two teenage girls steal a boyfriend’s car and barrel across an iconically contemporary Australian landscape, learning how to drive and how to write their own stories as they go. The writer’s lyrical prose, the protagonist’s authentic voice, and the novel’s complex metaphorical structure give us a grittily honest look at what girls really want.

The cover of Katipo Joe: Wolf's Lair by Brian Falkner. A picture of a train is overlaid with a moon and a spider arranged like a Nazi swastika.

Katipo Joe: Wolf’s Lair by Brian Falkner (Scholastic) 

Judges' comments 

The stunning conclusion to the Katipo Joe trilogy is set against a historically accurate and highly detailed vision of World War II. With the imminent Nazi invasion of Russia, this action-packed spy thriller sees fifteen-year-old MI6 Agent, Joseph St George, who has infiltrated the Hitler Youth movement, racing against time to fulfil his new mission: assassinate Adolf Hitler.

Cover of Morrison and Mr Moore by Michael Hyde. A view of a wooden pier over the water and blue sky above.

Morrison and Mr Moore by Michael Hyde (In Case of Emergency Press)

Judges' comments 

Morrison is a restless, rebellious teenager who often finds himself outside the principal’s office. Mr Moore is an aged school principal with his own serious personal struggles. Their unlikeliest friendship bridges the generational barrier, based on understanding, patience, and respect in a heart-warming story about ending old chapters and starting new ones.

Cover of Social Queue by Kay Kerr. It's mauve with five stylised figures in bright clothing looking up at a girl in a red outfit

Social Queue by Kay Kerr (Text Publishing)

Judges' comments 

When Zoe’s writing about her lack of a dating life goes viral, she navigates the quick fame and sets up dates with people who admit to admiring her. Social Queue is a moving story that’s sharp and relatable, full of moments that show it’s possible to find yourself and your voice after high school.

Cover of Sugar by Carly Nugent. The cover is swirls of pink and green underneath a line illustration of a girl.

Sugar by Carly Nugent (Text Publishing)

Judges' comments 

Persephone has lost her father and gained a diabetes diagnosis – and she is angry. When she discovers a body in the bush, she investigates to find out what happened to the woman, learning more about her own life in the process. Sugar is a beautiful and unique novel about learning to understand yourself and the world around you.