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Volunteer Program

2022-23 Highlights


Volunteer-led tours continue to be one of the most popular onsite volunteer activities at State Library.

Tours are held on the third Tuesday of each month, or on request. Volunteers enjoy sharing their knowledge about spaces, collections and services, as well as our current exhibitions.

Doing tours is a highlight of mine as I try to pass on my enthusiasm for this beautiful facility - there is always something new to discover and I love that it’s inclusivity offers something for all ages and walks of life, enriching and preserving our past, present and future. Thank you SLQ. (Volunteer tour guide)  

Specialised tours were offered during Brisbane Open House, with volunteers enjoying guiding groups through a behind-the-scenes look at State Library’s repositories, Conservation Lab, and back-of-house spaces.

Community spirit

Recently, State Library collaborated with James Cook University Brisbane to introduce their students to volunteering and employment opportunities.

Student volunteers enjoyed getting creative with kids and families during the Winter Holiday Program.  Volunteer tasks included managing Eventbrite bookings and check-in for workshops, welcoming visitors and supporting staff to implement drop-in activities.

Thank you again for sharing this opportunity with us. 

I am looking forward to referring and selecting great students to participate in the volunteering programs and keeping sending you more and more students every time that an opportunity arises at the State library. (James Cook University, Brisbane) 

Online volunteering

Digital, or online, volunteering continues to grow, with transcription volunteers working from home to help make historical records more accessible and uncovering fascinating stories in the process.  

As we approach the bicentennial of the establishment of the Moreton Bay Penal Colony, volunteers play a vital role in bringing these records into focus. The Moreton Bay Penal Settlement was established as a place for re-offending convicts, a place of exile and punishment. The records tell an intriguing story of the hardships in the settlement and beyond.

Original Materials volunteers

The Original Materials volunteers review and records collections of original material, principally station records that may reveal First Nations Content. Their work is much valued, leaving a trail for families and other interested parties, whether it be for family history, cultural heritage or environmental study. 


The inaugural Volunteer Transcribe-a-thon was held recently, providing digital volunteers a welcome opportunity to meet in person and learn new tips and tricks over morning tea.

Its success has ensured that more meetups are planned for 2023-24!

Volunteers assisting with the Winter Holiday Program

Volunteer opportunities

State Library advertises all volunteer opportunities on Volunteering Queensland’s recruitment portal.  

In 2021-22, State Library received 139 volunteer referrals through Volunteering Queensland.


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Original Materials volunteers

Centrelink accreditation

State Library received Centrelink accreditation as an approved voluntary work organisation in October 2020.

If you intend to participate in Centrelink approved voluntary work as part of your Mutual Obligation Requirements, download the Verification of Voluntary Work form and email it to

For more information, please contact the volunteer coordinator on (07) 3842 9633.

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