Volunteer Program

2020-21 highlights

In response to the pandemic, many volunteers took their volunteering online. Almost one-third of applications received by State Library through the Volunteering Queensland portal were for digital volunteers.

Volunteers remained offsite from July to November 2020. Our first volunteers to return were the V360 visitor research survey team who returned in December 2020. The remainder of the volunteers were formally welcomed back onsite at the Piano Day function on 29 March 2021.

In all, onsite volunteers were active for a total of 26 out of the 52 weeks in the year, as State Library continued to be impacted by COVID-19.  A total of 63 onsite volunteers participated in 5 projects. Onsite volunteers contributed over 589 hours in 2020-21, significantly less than the previous year.

While the pandemic significantly disrupted volunteering patterns in 2020-21, State Library also embraced the opportunity for new models of service delivery and engaging volunteers.

Volunteer opportunities

State Library advertises all volunteer opportunities on Volunteering Queensland’s recruitment portal.  

In 2020-21, State Library received 150 volunteer referrals through Volunteering Queensland.


Centrelink accreditation

State Library received Centrelink accreditation as an approved voluntary work organisation in October 2020.

If you intend to participate in Centrelink approved voluntary work as part of your Mutual Obligation Requirements, download the Verification of Voluntary Work form and email it to volunteering@slq.qld.gov.au

For more information, please contact the volunteer coordinator on (07) 3842 9633.


Volunteers have played an integral role in collecting data for State Library’s year-round onsite visitor research study. Their willingness to support State Library particularly during the challenges and impacts of the pandemic is invaluable. Volunteers were provided with training, opportunities to connect and ongoing support which many have found useful for their studies, work and gaining employment. Over 500 hours were contributed by volunteers throughout 2020-2021, and the value to State Library in deepening understanding of visitors, their needs, and benefits from visiting State Library is immeasurable.

Kylie Roots, Lead, Audience Development