Place Making Fellowship

2019 Place Making Fellow: Tricia King

Tricia King is the recipient of the inaugural Place Making Fellowship.

Tricia’s project will explore a time in which women’s role in the labour market was particularly significant.  The project will explore the contributions that female workers made to the products and the culture of the factory.

Whilst the history of Fred Peters’ rise from backyard ice cream maker to household name is well known, little is known about the Peters factory workers themselves, and even less about the women and migrant women who occupied a great number of roles on the factory floor.

Since its opening in 1928 the Peters Ice Cream factory in West End Brisbane, provided employment to female workers, opening up opportunities for them and others in the diverse community in West End.

Tricia’s project will use archival research, photography and storytelling to tell the story of women and the Peters Ice Cream Factory.


About the fellowship

In partnership with Sekisui House Australia and West Village, the focus of the 2019 fellowship is Queensland’s Ice Cream History, exploring the original Peters Ice Cream Factory, an iconic site in the West End community.

The fellowship aims to focus on the people and products of Peters Ice Cream Factory.

The fellowship recipient receives a stipend of $10,000 and access to the resources of the John Oxley Library and access to resources relating to the Peters Ice Cream Factory site to assist them with their research.

The Place Making Fellowship is an opportunity to discover the legends, stories and histories behind beloved Queensland sites. Open to researchers, writers, historians and creatives, the recipient will be provided with the unique opportunity to uncover and explore the hidden histories around Queensland’s physical heritage sites.