The Current black&write! Team

The black&write! project was established to train First Nations editors to work in the Australian publishing industry, and to support First Nations authors in their career development.

Over the years, winners of the black&write! Fellowships have published books through the program which have been recognised with literary awards, prizes and accolades. 

We are proud to help these storytellers be heard far and wide.  


Contact us at or (07) 3842 9985 or our Facebook page.

Grace Lucas-Pennington 
Editor, black&write!

Grace Lucas-Pennington is an Aboriginal woman of Bundjalung/European descent. Grace has worked as an editor, and also as a consultant, guest lecturer, and publishing industry advisor. Growing up, she spent her time between Northern New South Wales and the Logan/Brisbane area. Grace is interested in publishing, politics, media, social justice, and the arts. She is passionate about First Nations writing, and promoting our stories.

Allanah Hunt
Junior Editor, black&write!

Allanah Hunt is a Barkindji woman who lives in Brisbane. She is finishing her Creative Writing PhD at Anglia Ruskin University and is passionate about using writing to explore contemporary issues. She has published several short stories and presented papers on Aboriginal deaths in custody, mental health and popular culture. She is a recipient of a Boundless mentorship and loves    all things to do with writing and reading.

Jasmin McGaughey
Junior Editor, black&write!

Jasmin is a Torres Strait Islander from the Kulkalgal Nation and, on her father’s side, African American. She is currently studying a Master of Philosophy in creative writing through The University of Queensland. Jasmin’s passions have always been writing and reading and she is proud to be able to work and learn in this field with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers.